HARTING Automotive

As a renowned competent partner for electromobility and actuators for vehicular and industrial use, we set the standards with our customised solutions.

For 25 years, HARTING Automotive has stood for top quality and leading innovations in solenoid systems for actuators in automotive engineering as well as mechatronics and connection technology. In the rapidly growing market for charging infrastructure systems for electromobility, we are a sought after partner for highly efficient, customised charging solutions.

About us

HARTING Automotive was founded in the mid-1990s. Backed by the high-performance, technology-oriented HARTING Technology Group, HARTING Automotive develops and produces customised cable harnesses and electromagnetic components for automotive suppliers, the automotive industry, and the industrial sector.

We have established ourselves as a connection technology specialist for the pioneering growth sector of electromobility.

As a reliable partner for our customers, we have always kept pace with the increasing demands and changes in industrial sectors; we set standards with our products that serve as benchmarks for their respective product classes. Our solutions are also in demand for the emerging electromobility sector. We are, for example, a first tier supplier providing charging cables for the Volkswagen Group.

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