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Industry 4.0: simplified and stripped back

Industry 4.0 is the fourth major technological advancement in industrial processing and manufacturing. The key to this development is connectivity, as advances are based around the availability of data and the ability to extract and communicate it.

Industry 4.0 allows devices and machines to interact and share production data, which can be analysed and used to quickly identify faults, predetermine potential failures and monitor energy use.

HARTING are at the forefront of this high-tech development and is leading the way by supporting businesses with new products and technological solutions. We’ve also highlighted some HARTING products which could help you effect improvements such as flexible production methods.

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What does Industry 4.0 mean?

Industry 4.0, also known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or integrated industry, is a revolutionary process connecting every level of an operation, from the machinery on the shop floor to the building management system that controls the entire production environment. Industry 4.0 may also be referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as it is believed to be the fourth major technological advancement in industrial processing and manufacturing.

By creating seamless integration and multi-way communication at all levels by enabling devices to interact with each other, it is possible to generate useful production data. It is the application and learning from this data that drives industry 4.0, creates intelligent devices and enables smart factories.

How is the IoT used in industry?

Reduced line downtime

Imagine you have a production line and machine fault occurs. By connecting all your devices in the production line, you will be able to not only identify what the problem is and where it has occurred, but also notify the other equipment to hold until the issue has been rectified.

Predictive Maintenance

You can predetermine potential failures and notify the relevant personnel before the problem occurs, increasing the interval between services and extending machine lifetime. What’s more, you can manage this connection from anywhere in the world.

Energy Monitoring

Industry 4.0 allows you to clearly see when machines are operation, observe standby times and detect any deviation in performance, allowing you to carry out proactive maintenance.

Flexibility in production

Manufacturing has evolved from mass production requirements to a situation where customers demand their own individual customised products to meet their exact specifications. Industry 4.0 gives you the ability to produce customised products using mass production processes, opening up new markets and ventures for your business.

Easily accessible data

Not only does Industry 4.0 give you access to hugely valuable production data from your machines, the advent of cloud computing enables you to monitor production and manage connections from anywhere in the world.

How can I use the Internet of Things?

HARTING is at the forefront of developments to support businesses implementing Industry 4.0 solutions. We have a range of products that enables businesses to implement Industry 4.0 into their manufacturing processes such as:

  • SPE (Single Pair Ethernet): This enables the barrier-free transmission of data via ethernet over just one pair of cables with up to 1Gbit/ s and with ranges of up to 1000 metres. With SPE, it is possible to connect the smallest sensor to the cloud.


  • ix Industrial: This connector is our clear commitment to miniaturisation as device interfaces and system cable must be smaller, more powerful and still robust. This ethernet connector is 70% smaller than the tradition RJ45 which saves PCB real estate and with 1/10 Gbit/s ethernet and its high current-carrying capacity enables current and future PoE applications. This interface combines data transmission and power supply in one interface which reduces installation space.


  • PushPull V4 Industrial: HARTING’s PushPull connector system can be used to disconnect and reconnect the industrial lifelines (Power, Signal and Data) in seconds.

Why is Industry 4.0 needed?

Industry 4.0 is important because it reduces human input on tasks that can simply be done with an automated process which brings the possibility of 24/7 warehouses with scheduled preventative maintenance to flush out the change of greater issues.

Increased communication as it is a key aspect to completing tasks, which an be ran on a much larger scale.

Workplace accidents reduced due to the automated processes and increased communication, also, IIoT devices can react globally or locally to any incidents that trigger the sensors involved.