HARTING leads the way with a miniaturised solution for fast Ethernet delivery

Miniaturisation is a hot topic within many industries as businesses evolve their production processes towards Integrated Industry, embracing more efficient, versatile and modularised components. We caught up with Kevin Canham, Product & Applications Manager at HARTING UK, to discuss how ix Industrial® is leading the way as a miniaturised solution for fast Ethernet.



What questions should purchasing-related readers ask when sourcing miniature Ethernet connectors?

"From a technical standpoint, the first and most important question is will this product suit my processes within a production environment, for example, pick and place. As the ix Industrial® is delivered in a tape and reel format, it is perfectly suited to mass production processes. In addition, if the cable needs to be field-terminated, this can easily be achieved through the Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC)."

What does the IP20 standard consist of and what other quality kitemarks are available in the marketplace for connectors?

"The International Protection (IP) standard is a recognised industry benchmark that guides users and informs them as to the level of protection a connection will receive from external influences. Both the ix Industrial® and RJ45 are IP20 rated, meaning they are protected against medium sized foreign bodies but offer no protection against water. However, HARTING are planning to develop an IP-rated ix Industrial® product for use in harsh manufacturing and production environments. In addition, there are IC specifications, a recognised global open standard published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) that ensures worldwide conformity of products."

The ix Industrial PCB jack (R) is 70% smaller than the equivalent RJ45 socket (L)

How have socket sizes decreased in this area and what can we expect to be available in the next few years?

"With the ix Industrial®, HARTING have substantially reduced the PCB jack size by 70%. As a result, manufacturers will be able to use it in much smaller devices, which in turn should see a reduction in the size of routers, security cameras and ultimately the amount of space required by data centres. In the near future, the aim will be to further reduce the size of the footprint and introduce an IP 67/69-rated product for use in extremely tough environments."

What would be typical applications for the RJ45 connector?

“The RJ45 is the world’s most popular connector and is synonymous with Ethernet connections in the IP20 environment. It is used to transmit data and can be found anywhere an Ethernet network is required, from the routers in your home to Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) on production and assembly lines. As the RJ45 is so widely used, HARTING offers ready-made cable assemblies with the ix mating face and the RJ45 connector on opposite ends in order to enable a gradual adaptation of the new technology.”

How are lead times holding out for this type of connector?

“HARTING’s policy is to have sustained and immediately available stock of all class A products in our central warehouse and this is no different with the ix Industrial®. This customer-focused approach allows us to both manage customer expectations and provide a great service.”

Is there any other advice you would give to buyers sourcing Ethernet connectors?

"It is important to ensure that the connector is suited to the task and environment it will be utilised in. The HARTING range is packed with products so there is sure to be something to suit your requirements. For heavy duty work there is the Han-Modular®, which allows you to optimally design and combine individual modules, including data, into a single unit. In addition, if you require connectors with tool-free installation, the PushPull and PushPull V4 Industrial are user friendly and can be supplied with IP 65 / 67 housings. HARTING also supply a wide range of solutions for the RJ45, including pre-assembled system cables, device side solutions such as service interfaces and PCBs and hybrids which offer power and data within one housing."

Han-Modular® provides flexibility and robustness for industry
PushPull is easy to use and operates with tool-free installation
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