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The digitalization of rail services is the way to maintain the comparative advantage and sustainable development of railway services in the future evolution of the industry, especially in the post-pandemic era.

Facing Challenges in Modern Railway Systems?

HARTING accompanies you through technological transformations. Our innovative components, consultants, services and systems help us to guide our customers into the digital future. We are your single-source solution: offering everything from individual components to custom-fit systems. HARTING provides innovative solutions for the ongoing digitalisation of railway applications.

HARTING | Much more than just connectors.

We provide connectivity solutions for transmitting power, data and signals in railway technology. Ethernet backbones and data infrastructures are just some of the possible applications. Connectors are also used during the maintenance and integration of stationary railway infrastructures. Connectivity for the exterior of rail vehicle requires robust solutions that can withstand high environmental stress, such as stone chips, corrosion and extreme temperature changes.

Railway digital applications

•    Driver’s console
•    Electrical cabinet
•    Passenger information system
•    Bogie
•    Wagon coupling

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Industrial Connectors

Han-Modular® Gigabit Cat. 8 Module

More and more applications on Rail Vehicles communicate via Ethernet connections and existing ones require higher transmission rates. The new Han-Modular® Gigabit Module Cat.7A/8.2 transmits data in and between the carriages without interference.

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Han-Modular® M12 Module

Thanks to the M12 module, there is now another way to integrate 10 Gbit/s Ethernet into modular connectors. The module significantly reduces the space requirements, since two D- or X-coded M12 connectors fit into a single module.

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Han-Modular® Domino Modules

With the introduction of the Han-Modular® in 1993, HARTING set a new standard in the industry: delivering the first modular industrial connector that carries power, signals, data and even compressed air side by side in a single connector. Almost 30 years later, HARTING is setting the next milestone with the new Han-Modular® Domino Modules. These hybrid modules deliver up to 50 % additional space savings.

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Han® Megabit Module for PCB

With the new PCB adapter for the Han® Megabit module it is now possible to transmit shielded signals from a modular industrial connector directly to the PCB. The newly developed module combined with the new PCB adapter allows a seamless transmission of the shielding and ensures the signal integrity. In addition, the new PCB solution is completely pre-assembled and and can be integrated by the plug & play principle.

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Han® HPR VarioShell with Single Pole | Han® HPR Single Pole Portfolio

HARTING has developed the Han® HPR VarioShell as a particularly flexible solution for jumper cable connections. The housing forms an open system that accommodates connectors for the transmission of power and other connectors within it. The system now offers space for eight 250/350 A contacts or six 650 A contacts in single poles.

The new Han® HPR Single Pole portfolio complements the VarioShell housings perfectly. The Single Poles transmit power up to 650 A/4 kV AC/DC through reliable Han® HC Modular contacts. The result is high-performance connectors in HPR housings with IP68/69 protection. Up to eight 250/350 A contacts or six 650 A contacts can be accommodated.

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Han® HPR Compact

With the new Han® HPR Compact, HARTING satisfies the industry's requirements for reduced installation space and weight. Due to the smaller connectors, installation areas that are difficult to reach can now be accessed more efficiently, and spaces once too cramped may now be considered for installation (e. g. in the narrow installation space of railway vehicles.)

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Han® HPR Compact U Connector

HARTING‘s new Han® HPR Compact U-Adapter enables new opportunities for power distribution. The interface can be used in areas where the incoming and outgoing cables come from the same direction. The body is pre-assembled and can be directly mounted.

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Han® HPR Compact Surface Mounting Housing

The new Han® HPR Compact Surface Mounting Housings complement the Han® HPR Compact portfolio and increase flexibility with less space and weight requirements. The housings will be available from size 6 up to size 24.

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Han® HPR PYD 1 to 1 & 1 to 2

HARTING's new Han® HPR PYD 1 to 2 connector offers a scalable power interface (e. g. to the bogie). The distributor unites the contact multiplication in a standard connector and, thus, provides outstanding flexibility.

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Transformer connections are exposed to environmental influences. Mechanical effects, water, oil, direct sunlight and ozone are just some of these possible influences that can significantly affect the service life of the connections. The new Han® HPR HPTC series has been specially developed for transformer applications in harsh environments.

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Han® HPR TrainPowerLine

More efficient energy consumption and the reduction of complexity are important trends in the rail industry. Rail vehicle manufacturers are always looking for ways to reduce the weight of their vehicles. In addition, installation processes must be clear and understandable to save time for assembly teams. With the new Han® HPR TrainPowerLine (TPL), HARTING has developed a new interface to meet all these requirements.

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Ha-VIS eCon 4080 M12 PushPull Switch

The compact Ethernet switch Ha-VIS eCon 4080GBT-BXT supports reliable network solutions even under environmental conditions of humidity, dust and vibrations. The 8 Port Gigabit switch enables cost-effective and fast expansion or modification of network infrastructures with high bandwidth requirements in rail vehicles.

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Industrial Ethernet Switches: Ha-VIS eCon 2000 ix Industrial® Switch

With the Ha-VIS eCon 2000GX-I-A unmanaged Ethernet switches, HARTING provides high-performance Gigabit switches for end-to-end networking via ix-Industrial®. With the compact and ultra-flat devices, limited mounting space can be optimally

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har-flex® Hybrid

A special feature of the har-flex® product family and modular manufacturing is the combination of signal and power contacts: the birth of the har-flex® Hybrid. Thus, compact and versatile connectivity solutions can be implemented that are ideal for miniaturised PCBs. har-flex® Hybrid PCB connectors are available in straight and angled versions, so they can be used in applications with parallel boards (mezzanine), with extender cards, and in the motherboard-to-daughtercard configuration. You can save space and effort when using hybrid PCB connectors: They are ideal for modular IO systems and other miniaturised control applications.

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har-flex® Power

In addition to the standard har-flex® in 1.27 mm pitch, the har-flex® product family also offers connectors in 2.54 mm pitch. har-flex® Power has been specifically developed for transmitting high currents from 18 A to 29 A. The modular production allows the flexible number of poles (from 2 to 12). Users can also choose between SMT and THR versions for the power contacts. har-flex® Power PCB connectors are available in straight and angled versions, so they can be used in applications with parallel boards (mezzanine), with extender cards, and in the motherboard-to-daughtercard configuration.

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This new innovative Connector system allows the designer to create a board-to-board connector exactly in line with his requirements. In the online configurator he can select the modules in quantity and order as needed, can download all necessary data and samples are available from a single unit.

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SEK Mezzanine

Until now, only cable-to-board connections were possible with SEK. These new female connectors for the PCB open up completely new applications for users of SEK connectors when using board-to-board connections. Mezzanine and motherboard-to-daughtercard applications can now also be implemented.

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D-Sub coding system

The new coding system for D-Sub is a safe way to prevent improper mating. Thus, it reduces downtime and repairs on the device. The robust mechanical coding is available for sizes 1 and 2. In addition to the 36 different mechanical coding variants, it provides an additional colour differentiation, which facilitates the assignment of different mating partners. Suitable for any D-Sub-based interface.

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HARTING ix Industrial® AWG 22

The AWG 22 variant of the HARTING ix Industrial® connector (according to IEC 61076-3-124) adds a third IDC option for connecting cables to HARTING's growing ix Industrial® portfolio. This product is particularly important for PROFINET applications. Since June 2021, HARTING's ix Industrial® type A is an official mating face for PROFINET applications. Thus, PROFINET users can now also benefit from the HARTING ix Industrial®. HARTING ix Industrial®: the future of miniaturised Industrial Ethernet.

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HARTING ix Industrial® 90° angled

HARTING ix Industrial®: the miniaturised interface according to IEC 61076-3-124. The perfect solution when minimal installation space is available in Industrial Ethernet (type A) as well as for signals and serial BUS systems (type B). A 70 % smaller device socket compared to the familiar RJ45: This saves valuable space in the device. The new angled cable connector now saves even more space outside the device.

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HARTING Mini PushPull ix Industrial®

Mini PushPull is the perfect IP65/IP67 housing for the HARTING ix industrial®. It combines the well-known advantages of HARTING's PushPull technology with the robust miniaturised Ethernet interface according to IEC 61076-3-124. The capabilities of the HARTING Mini PushPull ix industrial® interface are highlighted in industrial Ethernet (type A) as well as in signals and serial BUS systems (type B).

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HARTING UIC 558 connector

HARTING is expanding its wide portfolio for railway applications with two UIC-558-compliant interfaces (13 and 18 pole inserts) and an additional solution with a 22-pole insert + PE for the inter-car jumper. The new series of connectors is used to connect remote control and information cables on locomotive-hauled passenger trains. These lifelines for the rail vehicles are used to transmit signals and data. This enables, for example, remotely switched lighting, the opening and closing of doors, and the transmission of acoustic information or binary data packets.

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M12 SPE T1

For use in demanding environments, HARTING's T1 Industrial® interface is now also available in the familiar M12 format. The Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) technology achieves Industrial Ethernet transmission speeds of up to 10 GBit/s over only one twisted pair of wires. This saves space, resources and costs. Thinner cables and smaller connectors enable efficient Ethernet connections at the industrial field level. This makes the IIoT a reality and achieves TCP/IP communications all the way from the sensor to the cloud.

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M12 PushPull according IEC 61076-2-010

The IEC standard 61076-2-010 finally introduces an industry-wide uniform push-pull locking system for circular connectors. The slow screw-in process has become obsolete. Secure locking is achieved without checking the torque. The use of tools is not necessary. PushPull is the robust locking device for the railway environment.

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M12 S- & K-coding acc. IEC 61076-2-111

M12 circular connectors with K-coding provide up to 630 V and 12 A power supplies via a space-saving interface. This makes them ideal for supplying power to many devices and smaller drives. In addition to the classic screw locking, the M12 Power in K-coding is available with the tool-free PushPull locking that complies with the international standard IEC 61076-2-010.

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M12 system cabling

M12 mating faces are established for Data and Signal transmission. Users can rely on IP protection, plug-in reliability, robustness, and EMC safety. Additionally, users can now benefit from a standardized PushPull locking system according to IEC 61076-2-010.

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Han® S 200 system cabling

Featuring simple, fast and safe contacting, the Han® S 200 system cabling is the perfect termination for the front wiring on modular battery storage systems. These cabling solutions enable high power transmission with up to 200 A and 1500 V DC or 1000 AC. To eliminate
the risk of improper mating there exists coloured variants that are additionally mechanically coded.

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HARTING ix Industrial® to M12 X-coded panel feed through

The trend towards miniaturisation is omnipresent, demanding that objects, such as flat mobile devices, displays, controllers, cameras and sensors become smaller and smaller. With this panel feed through assembly based on a using HARTING ix Industrial® and M12 X-coded connectors, HARTING offers a solution that, on the one hand, follows the miniaturisation trend and, on the other hand, combines IP65/67 characteristics with the familiar M12 mating face of industrial applications.

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FO communication systems (FOCS) – expanded beam modules

WLAN on-board networks in trains require stable and interference-free networks, and this can be realized with fiber optic connections. These are very sensitive to soiling or even damage when the connection is disconnected and mated. With the help of HARTING lens modules, in combination with the Han-Modular® connector series, an insensitive and protected fiber optic plug connection can be realized.

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Competence Center inter-vehicle jumper solutions

For inter-vehicle jumper connections, HARTING develops tailor-made solutions that meet individual requirements. As a solution provider of innovative components, consultant, service provider and system supplier, we accompany our customers into the digital future, from customer inquiry to series delivery.

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