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We look forward to welcoming you at HANNOVER MESSE 2024!

HARTING is shaping the future with technologies for people. The industrial future is digital, electric and sustainable.
Our mission statement is "Connecting the All Electric Society" with the Industry, Mobility, Energy, Infrastructure and Agriculture sectors.
Digitalisation and electrification with sustainably generated energy will achieve decarbonisation. The backbone of this is the cross-sector lifelines of data and power.
HARTING develops, produces and supplies the connectivity for the transmission of data and power for the sectors of the All Electric Society.

Our highlights

Get an overview of the technology group's products and solutions in the run-up to the trade fair.


Whether decentralised energy generation, for example through wind or solar technology, the storage of energy in battery systems or, more recently, in hydrogen storage systems or the intelligent control of energy flows via smart grids, we cover all these areas with tailor-made connectivity solutions. We bring all areas together so that the interaction of systems can become reality.


Modern industrial production can no longer do without intelligent control systems. Factory energy management requires the continuous recording of all available data by a wide variety of sensors in order to be able to make statements about the carbon footprint, the energy balance and edge computing with a cloud connection, among other things. This is the only way to implement energy-efficient production and network locations globally.


For HARTING, mobility is not just about e-mobility and our offer of charging infrastructure systems. Connectivity has become indispensable in rail technology, whether for long-distance or local transportation. Efficient and maximally available vehicles must be flexibly adaptable and generate as little downtime as possible during service or repair work. Connectivity made its mark here, for example as a communication solution for passenger information systems as well as for providing power to drives in the high-voltage range.


When is the HANNOVER MESSE 2024?

The HANNOVER MESSE takes place from 22 to 26 April 2024 .

Where can I get a free ticket to the HANNOVER MESSE?

You can get a free ticket for HANNOVER MESSE 2024 here.


Where can I find the schedule of events for the HANNOVER MESSE 2024?

Many exciting events are taking place over the five days. You will find the schedule of events for the HANNOVER MESSE here!

How can I drive to the HANNOVER MESSE?

If you are coming from the north or south, take the A7 towards Hannover, then the A37 towards the Messe (trade fair). If you are coming from the west or east, take the A2 towards Hannover Input into your satnav: 30521 Hannover, 'Hermesallee' (name of road) or 'Messegelände' (meaning: trade fair grounds); a sufficient amount of paid parking is available and well signposted around the trade fair grounds. Charging stations for electric cars can be found at the parking facilities at Nord 4 (North 4) and Süd 32 (South 32).

What is the route to Hannover Messe using public transportation?

With S-Bahn (suburban railway), city train & bus

  • S4 line to Hannover Messe station
  • City train line 8 and 18 to NORD (North) entrance
  • City train line 6 and 16 to OST (EAST) entrance
  • The number 340 and 341 bus to SÜD (SOUTH) entrance
  • U-Bahn (subway) lines 8 and 18 to NORD (NORTH) entrance

Note: The tickets for the Hannover Messe do not give you free use of the public transport system.

Using the national rail services of Deutsche Bahn:

  • Destination station Hannover/Laatzen. Take the U-Bahn (subway) 8 / 18 and S-Bahn (suburban railway) S4 at the Central Station to get there

What is the route to the Hannover Messe from the Hannover Airport (HAJ)?

S-Bahn (suburban railway) line 5 towards Hannover Central Station. From there continue with the U-Bahn (subway) line 8. The journey takes about 1 hour. Take the bus shuttle which runs during the time of the trade fair between the airport Terminal C and the trade fair grounds (WEST). The journey takes about 45 minutes.

How many visitors and exhibitors does the Hannover Messe have?

With over 130,000 visitors and more than 4,000 exhibitors annually (as of 2023), the Hannover Messe is the largest industrial trade fair in the world.

Where can I find HARTING at the Hannover Messe 2024?

You can find HARTING at the HANNOVER MESSE 2024 in Hall 11, Stand C43.

Where can I find the hall plan for HANNOVER MESSE 2024?

You can find the hall plan for 2024 HANNOVER MESSE 2024 here.

Hannover Messe and HARTING – a trustful partnership since 1947

The history of the HANNOVER MESSE began in 1947 during the post-war years. At that time, the occupiers of the American/British zone called on West Germany, despite its desolate economy, to regain its self-sufficiency and strengthen exports. The German Trade Fair Limited was then founded and the first export fair in Hannover was organized that same year.

Visitors rush to the first Hannover Messe in 1947

It was a direct, complete success! During the 21-day trade fair in Hannover, 1,300 companies were represented, including Wilhelm Harting and his company "Wilhelm Harting Mechanische Werkstätten", founded in 1945. A total of 1934 export contracts worth 31.6 million US dollars were concluded and around 770,000 visitors were registered at the first export fair in Hannover.

HARTING's first stand at the Hannover Messe

Two years after the start of the "Wilhelm Harting Mechanische Werkstätten" in Minden, Wilhelm Harting was looking for customers for his young company. The company was initially successful with electric fences, hotplates, energy-saving lamps and irons.

"He wanted to contact new customers," recalls Dietmar Harting, who accompanied his father, together with his brother Jürgen, during their childhood. The "Export Fair" was a great experience for the two boys. "There were ice cream, bananas and cake," says Dietmar Harting.

Wilhelm Harting, the company's founder, could not have known then that the third generation, his grandchildren Philip and Maresa Harting, would continue to run the company – a technology group with around 6,200 employees.

The Wilhelm Harting family visiting the Hannover Messe in 1950

Over 75 years of HARTING highlights at the HANNOVER MESSE

A prototype of the HAN® connector at the HANNOVER MESSE

As a technology company, we were also at the HANNOVER MESSE during the years to follow. We demonstrated entrepreneurial foresight and a knack for anticipating technology trends and the needs of customers and markets. The production of medical equipment, tape recorders and jukeboxes dominated the next decade. The Han® connector, patented in 1956, and our subsequent connector innovations began a success story which brought us much attention at the trade fair. Fifteen years after the first industrial trade fair in Hannover, the exhibition stand had evolved significantly. The core business had changed from pasture fencing and useful household products to industrial connectors. To this day, we are the world market leader in the field of industrial connectors. A new era began with the globalisation trend starting at the end of the 1970s – the first step towards a global company.

The Han® industrial connector at HARTING's stand at the 1962 Hannover Messe.

Chancellor Helmut Kohl visits the HARTING stand

In 1995, the Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl appointed Dietmar Harting, at the time a member of the board of the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (ZVEI) and Vice President of the European Electronic Component Manufactures Association (EECA), to the Council for Research, Technology and Innovation, which he founded. Until the end of Kohl's chancellorship in 1998, Dietmar Harting was a member of this top-class committee of experts. In the same year, the chancellor visited our HARTING stand at the HANNOVER MESSE for the first time.

Helmut Kohl, Margrit Harting and Dietmar Harting at the Hannover Messe in 1995

50th anniversary of the HANNOVER MESSE

Fifty years of the HANNOVER MESSE and fifty years of HARTING's participation: in a small ceremony, Margrit and Dietmar Harting were presented with a certificate by Prof. Dr. Goehrmann (left), the Chairman of Deutsche Messe AG. Among the well-wishers was Ernst Raue (right), head of the HANNOVER MESSE business division.

Fiftieth anniversary of the Hannover Messe together with HARTING

We have been using this forum for research, technology and industry as a communication platform for 50 years. We have presented many targeted innovative developments: Fieldbus components for decentralised automation technology and fibre-optic data transmission systems for industrial applications, the VS 3000 – a pioneering patch distribution system, the Han R23 – the first circular connector for industrial applications, the world-famous Han industrial connector production, Han Quintax – an industrial connector system for shielded data bus cables, and Han Drive and Han Modular connectors for motor connections.

President Barack Obama, Chancellor Angela Merkel and the HERMES AWARD 2016

A great mood at the HARTING stand: Margrit Harting, Maresa Harting-Hertz, Dietmar Harting, Philip Harting as well as Angela Merkel and Barack Obama have every reason to laugh – the day before we won the HERMES AWARD (the "Oscar for Engineers") for the second time since 2006.

"This trade fair will go down in HARTING's history": that's how every one of our employees feels by noon of the first day of the fair, even though no customer has been able to set foot on our trade fair stand until then.

Our colleagues felt this way because of what had happened in the past 24 hours. "It will probably take a few more days to process and appreciate this," Philip Harting admitted.

The excitement began many months before the fair.

After the United States of America had been chosen as the partner country for HANNOVER MESSE 2016, it became clear at the beginning of the year that it would be US President Barack Obama who, together with Chancellor Angela Merkel, would open the world-famous industrial show. The Chancellor's obligatory tour with the representative of the partner country, President Barack Obama, was thus the focus; this meant that there were special security measures for all participants and exhibitors.

President Obama and Chancellor Merkel at the Hermes Award Winner 2016

"Philip Harting summed up the emotions as follows: "We were tense and very excited.

A few days before the trade fair, the indications were growing that Barack Obama would not only enter Hall 11, where our stand is located, but that HARTING had also been selected for his tour. And so on that Monday at half past ten, a friendly, relaxed and extremely impressive Barack Obama appeared together with Chancellor Angela Merkel at our stand. An indescribable moment. HARTING history was written here. The Harting family received the distinguished visitors. "We were prepared for everything! But not for the president's first question about our shoes, which of course everyone at our stand was wearing," laughs Margrit Harting. Only a few hours before Obama's visit, another exciting decision was made: The winner of the HERMES AWARD 2016. Within a few hours, the news was announced – we had won the HERMES AWARD again, exactly ten years after our first HERMES AWARD in 2006! During their visit, Obama and Merkel were also impressed by our HARTING MICA®, with which we won the prize. It's inconspicuous at first glance. Installed in the "Etos" concept vehicle from Rinspeed AG, it sums up the description "small but powerful". The HARTING MICA® is a modular platform consisting of open hardware and software that can be adapted quickly and cost-effectively to fit into many industrial applications. Operating in the "Etos" bright yellow sports car, the MICA® continuously records and transmits drive and engine data using sensors and RFID tags.


Hannover in April has been the most important trade fair appointment for us for more than seven decades. At our main stand and as partner in several joint stands, HARTING consistently presents itself as an innovative technology company. With our complete hardware and software solutions for all industrial connectivity applications, we have evolved into a solutions provider for the industrial transformation.

Our commitment to the trade fair goes beyond a mere visual presence. The close sense of belonging is documented by Dietmar Harting's many years of commitment as Chairman of the Exhibitors' Advisory Board of the HANNOVER MESSE, as well as his involvement on the Construction and Investment Committee of the Deutsche Messe AG Hannover and the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Messe AG (and from 2002 as its Deputy Chairman). Dietmar Harting was honoured for these many commitments with the Lower Saxony Medal of Merit (2004) and the Trade Fair Gold Medal of Honour (2006). In 2019, his son Philip Harting was elected his successor as the new Chairman of the Board of AUMA (the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry).