New application for SEK connectors

SEK for Mezzanine

PCB connection without flat cable!

The female SEK pcb connector [2,54mm x 2,54mm Pitch] opens up new possiblities for your pcb design.

SEK Mezzanine

SEK mezz - is a female connector for the PCB with the typical 2.54 mm SEK pitch. With this new SEK connector type – in combination with our well-known SEK male low-profile connectors – we can realize two completely new connection types for our established SEK product family:

Mezzannine connection and Motherboard-to-Daughtercard connection

This opens up an enormous range of application fields for SEK where Board-to-Board connections are needed. So far only Cable-to-Board connections with SEK was available.

HARTING SEK Product features at a glance:

  • Enable SEK mezzanine and backplane-to-daughtercard connections/applications
  • Mezzanine with 14.7 mm – 16.7 mm PCB mating distance
  • 2.54 mm pitch with pole counts from 6 – 64 in addition to DIN and har-flex
  • Huge variety of termination methods: wave soldering, reflow soldering or press-in
  • Tape and reel packaging for automatized pick and place process

For more Mezzanine applications download the selection guide below:

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