German Design Award 2024 for Domino Modules

HARTING has received the German Design Award in the "Eco Design" category for the Domino modules in the Han-Modular series. This recognises products that are geared towards sustainability - and stand out in terms of production, raw materials and material usage, quality/longevity, required transport routes and/or recycling/upcycling

Miniaturised modular connector series now offers an RJ45 option

HARTING introduced the Domino Modules in 2022 as a “new generation of modular connectors”. They represent a miniaturisation of the previous market standard. Since then, each slot in the modular holding frame can be occupied by two modules, known as cubes. These “cubes” divide the previous modular connector face into two almost square units in which industrial contacts from D-Sub to Han D®, Han E® and M12 can be accommodated. Each cube is equipped with a smaller or larger latch that allows it to be combined with one another. Customised and space-saving interfaces can be configured as required. A Han® 16 B standard housing, for example, offers space for eight different transmission types instead of the previously four.

The latest product in the award-winning series is the RJ45 Domino Module. The female module is designed as a double socket, a so-called gender changer, so that standard RJ45 patch cables can be inserted for connection. Despite its compact design, the gender changer contains complete, metallic 360° shielding and is therefore protected against external interference. Data transmission of 10 Gbit/s in accordance with the Cat. 6A standard is guaranteed.

The RJ45 Domino Module, male, is also suitable for standard patch cables. Thanks to an innovative fixing mechanism, these can simply be snapped into the module, regardless of the outer contour of the RJ45 patch cable. 

Power contacts in combination with RJ45 data transmission (up to 10 Gbit/s)
HARTING product managers Heiko Meier and Janek Kolhosser receiving the German Design Award for the Han-Modular Domino modules

The Domino Modules offer new optimisation options for modular connectors. By halving the basic size, two different modules can be accommodated in a space that was previously reserved for a single Han-Modular® module. Thus, different transmission types can be placed next to each other in a very small space. Space and weight savings of up to 50% are possible. The CO2 footprint is reduced accordingly. Assembly teams for industrial plants benefit from shorter installation times.

The next level of modular industrial connectors