Public Charging

There are several factors that are crucial for the acceptance and success of electric vehicles: in addition to the number of charging stations and a comprehensive charging infrastructure in commercial and public spaces, a charging technology that is easy to use and which saves time and money while charging is very important.

Different standards exist side by side

Similar to the situation at petrol stations with different types of fuel, various connection standards coexist for charging stations. Some examples are the CCS (Combined Charging System) with type-1 (Combo 1) or type-2 (Combo 2) plugs, the CHAdeMO charging system, or other standards such as the GB/T standard in China.

Long charging times discourage many car owners from making the switch to electric vehicles. Fast charge technology that uses the DC charging plug (Combo) ensures that vehicles will be supplied with sufficient power in a few minutes rather than a few hours. Almost all of the new concepts for electric cars from the major OEMs rely on powerful fast charging to supplement their conventional charging technology. This ensures better acceptance among motorists and provides electric mobility with a powerful boost.

Wide variety of charging equipment

HARTING Automotive's product portfolio encompasses the European Combo Type-2 DC charging interface standard for fast DC charging with a charging capacity of 200 kW. These products have the approvals and certificates relevant for all specific market sectors and legal requirements worldwide. For the charging cables, the type-1 plug for AC (developed for the USA, Japan and South Korea) is certified according to UL, CE and JET / PSE; the type-2 plug for the European market complies with UL/VDE. HARTING's GB China plug fulfills the CQC standard of the Chinese standardisation authority (China Quality Certification Centre).

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