Charging cable in the car

Looking forward, will drivers of plug-in hybrids or electric cars be more likely to charge at home or at charging stations? We are assuming a combination of both.

Charging at home and at charging stations

In practice, this means that drivers charge their electric vehicles at home for daily commutes. The infrastructure charging cables used for this are delivered directly to the automobile manufacturers.

For longer trips, however, mode-3 charging cables are required for use at public charging stations.

Mode 3 refers to a charging mode which uses a charging cable with two plugs so that the cable can be used in the socket of a public AC charging station.

Tier 1 supplier for BMW and the Volkswagen Group

HARTING Automotive works with almost all German automotive OEMs as well as with several automobile manufacturers abroad. As a tier 1 supplier, we supply various charging equipment to the Volkswagen Group along with its brands Porsche, VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bentley, as well as to the commercial vehicles sector. We are also a first tier supplier for the BMW Group.

The automaker was convinced that we offer suitable, tailor-made solutions for all its relevant markets. Our charging plugs have been certified for many national markets. The charging cables are available as a standard version with a four meter cable, or with a customisable length.

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