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RJ Industrial® Multifeature

The easy and tool-free RJ45 field assembly plug

HARTING RJ Industrial Multifeature

On top of all ethernet network installers wishlist is the easy and fast assembly of network infrastructure. In traditional RJ 45 solutions for industrial networks, the time for confection is 50% for preparation of the cable and 50% for connecting. With our new RJ Industrial® Multifeature you'll get an absolutely robust and reliable connector with integrated cutting tools for fast and easy assembly. A time saving of about 25% in the assembly is possible.

  • 25% faster connection
  • Integrated cutting tool
  • Top HF performance
  • for flexible and rigid wires from AWG 26 to 22
  • variable cable outlet direction

This completely dispenses with this time-consuming step and the entire assembly is more than 25% quicker. There is no longer a need to shorten the individual wires 8 times using the wire cutter and the quality of the connection process is also improved. The wires are always safely shortened in the same place in each connector and this also ensures that the HF performance of all assemblies is identical. The usability for flexible and rigid wires from AWG 26 to 22, the robust cable fastening and the angled connector with variable cable outlet direction are all additional features offering great benefits for customers.

While the classic RJ45 was a telecommunications development that did not suffice for every industrial application, the HARTING RJ Industrial® MultiFeature series is designed to meet all the requirements and challenges of a harsh industrial operating environment.

Safe Cat. 6A output, IP20 and IP65/67 Han® PushPull casing combined with PoE power supply IEEE802.3af (PoE 15,4W) / IEEE802.3at (PoE 25,5W) / IEEE802.3bt (PoE 100W) supply data and power for each device.

RJ Industrial Multifeature Assembly

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