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Discontinuation of the modular industrial computer architecture MICA

Quick and easy handling, robustness, flexibility, a long life cycle and fast application development - MICA is the best basis for your Industry 4.0 projects from machine monitoring to logistics and OEE.

Edge computing systems are a key emerging technology that the HARTING Technology Group has industrialised in many initial applications in recent years. However, the market has changed so much in recent years that we have decided not to continue this technology within the HARTING Technology Group.

With this in mind, we have found a new technology partner, Perinet Edge Systems GmbH Co. KG, based in Berlin, who will continue to produce three MICA variants. They will also develop a new device portfolio for edge computing and bring it to market.

We would be happy to share Perinet's contact information with our partners and customers so that they can pursue business with them directly.

More information about the MICA® – including its history and Hermes Award, as well as the basic operating system, software container and operating documentation – can be found below.


MICA® Edge Computing

The MICA® (Modular Industry Computing Architecture) combines industrial-grade hardware and open-source-based software to take on decentralised tasks in the field. This platform is based on a secure Linux system with applications running in independent software containers. MICA® hardware is robust and built into a compact IP67 aluminium housing. Depending on your application requirements, different hardware modules and software apps can be combined from a modular kit and expanded with your own hardware and software components. *

Hermes Award Winner 2016

In 2016, the HARTING Technology Group won the world's most important industrial innovation award with its MICA® mini industrial computer: the HERMES Award. The family-run company had already been awarded this prestigious award by Deutsche Messe 10 years earlier for an RFID solution. The HARTING MICA®, which was developed by the HARTING IT Software Development local subsidiary, is an open modular platform used as a central component of embedded hardware and software for Industry 4.0. The jury was impressed by the concept of lightweight virtualisation using LINUX containers, which MICA® was able to implement within a compact field device. Existing machines and facilities can be provided with intelligence by using the MICA®, making it possible to convert existing factories into smart factories.


Former MICA products and data sheets

You'll find an overview of the documentation, data sheets, etc. for your existing MICA products in our eShop.

MICA® | HARTING Technology Group

MICA® documentation

Here, HARTING provides downloads to help you with the MICA®   (including whitepapers, extensive technical documentation, regular software updates, press articles and our Terms and Conditions of Usage).

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MICA® software

Programming environments, software tools, and trial versions of solution packages can be found at To install, please download the appropriate archive and install it by clicking the Install button in the MICA WebUI. Administrator rights are required for installation.



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