Meeting the Ubiquitous Demand for High-speed Transmission

Ada Fung, Marketing Communications Manager Asia Pacific HARTING

M12 X-coded & Han® Gigabit module (Cat 8.2)

HARTING is contributing to the rapid growth of China's industrial market. China is a fast-growing and dynamic country. From public infrastructure to industrial fields, China is led by intelligent manufacturing as well as in modern life. With smart homes and 5G as the core, the demand for high-speed transmission is now encountered everywhere. With its innovative connection technology HARTING continues to meet the needs of China's future growth.

In many Chinese cities, we have to deliberate as to how to carry out large-scale activities smoothly in view of the acceleration of urbanisation and rapid population growth. How can we enable people to travel efficiently and conveniently and enjoy urban life? How can we accelerate the digital transformation of the country's manufacturing industry and create more valuable social wealth?

We encounter fast data transmission everywhere today. Let's take a closer look at the different markets:

China is constantly adopting high-speed data communication technology. The industrial arena has developed from 100M to Gigabit-class and even higher industrial Ethernet, while its 5G mobile communication technology has long been well developed. According to the report of the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) in 2021, China has become one of the global leaders in 5G applications, and the number of 5G connections in China is expected to reach 822 million in 2025. So, in view of the ubiquitous demand for high-speed transmission, how can HARTING's connection technology make its contributions?

Developments in the industrial field, with the wave of IIoT and digital transformation, have imposed increasingly higher demands on the processing speed of field data in edge computing, reaching Gigabit or even 10 Gigabit transmission speeds. Through HARTING’s single pair Ethernet, machine operation data can be rapidly connected, analysed, processed and uploaded to the cloud, thereby managing predictive maintenance and permanent state monitoring.

As a leading enterprise and one of the standard setters in the field of global electrical connections, HARTING established the classic Han® Series, rectangular connector standards and successively introduced DIN connectors, modular connectors, push-pull connectors and the miniaturised ix Industrial® Ethernet connector, as well as the T1 Industrial Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) connector and other innovative products which are continuously setting standards for the industry.

In the field of the rail transit, HARTING has provided different levels of assistance for China's high-speed transmission applications for many years where its robustness, high quality, flexibility and customised innovative designs play an important role. In addition to meeting the requirements of robust workshop jumper power transmission, it is even more important to achieve the robust and high-speed data transmission of passenger information and entertainment systems. For example, HARTING designed a Han® Gigabit module to meet the high standard of 8.2 transmissions, which can be used for 10 GB Ethernet at an operating frequency of up to 2000 MHz.

In order to achieve rapid growth, China needs high-speed transmission infrastructure. HARTING has long prepared itself for this scenario and will continue to inject the power of high-speed connections into the rapid industrial development in China.

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Ada Fung
Marketing Communications Manager Asia Pacific HARTING