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RJ45 plug – HARTING RJ Industrial® – Ethernet data interfaces

The RJ45 plug for demanding tasks: HARTING RJ Industrial® is a complete, perfectly matched Ethernet cabling system for building automation and industry.

RJ45 plug for demanding tasks – from printed circuit boards to patch panels, whether IP20 or IP65/67, in proven Han® 3 A hoods/housing. The HARTING RJ Industrial® is a complete, perfectly matched Ethernet cabling system for building automation and industry. It is a solution that can be used for all applications with equal success.

At the heart of the HARTING RJ Industrial® product range is the RJ45 connector that can be field-terminated without special tools. The product range itself now includes all products for Ethernet communication technology, from PCB sockets for device integration to industrial data sockets. Another highlight are the hybrid interfaces that combine data transmission and power supply in RJ45 connector and cables, thus requiring 50% less space and saving costs and cabling space.

RJ45 connectors - range at a glance

  • RJ 45 PCB sockets with and without transformer from 10/100Mbit/s to 10Gbit/s
  • Easy and fast field-terminable RJ45 plugs and sockets for data transmission in networks
  • Patch panels, DIN rail outlets and IP65/67 outlets
  • Extensive patch cable range
  • Matching accessories such as cable connectors, protective caps and tools


RJ45 plug HARTING RJ Industrial – Characteristics

  • Can be assembled in the field quickly and easily – without any special tools
  • Coordinated products for 2-pair Industrial Ethernet: such as PROFINET, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP and application-neutral 4-pair cabling
  • Industry-compatible and robust connection technology
  • Outstanding shock and vibration resistance, according to railway standards
  • Can be used in control cabinets and in harsh industrial environments

Compliant with standards

  • Consistent use of cabling for machines, facilities and IT


  • Can be used with all Ethernet-based automation profiles
  • Robust 4-wire cabling for Fast Ethernet
  • 8-wire cabling for Gigabit Ethernet and more: ensuring versatile use in future


  • Continuous solution reaching from the printed circuit board to the network cabinet
  • Suitable from 10/100Mbit/s up to 10GBit/s, depending on type
  • Easy to maintain and for adapting and expanding the network

Independent of surroundings

  • IP20/30, protected environment, control cabinet
  • IP65/67, industrial environment
  • IP65/67, outdoors and special applications

On-site assembly

  • IDC termination technology for rigid and flexible conductors
  • Easy assembly in the field without any special tools

Industrial Ethernet at a glance and materials