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Enhance Your Industrial Control Systems

Using connectors in an Industrial Control Systems offers substantial benefits over hardwiring, such as time-savings, cost saving, cost certainty and reliability.  Until recently, an OEM could not use individual connectors in a field-assembled, UL 508-certfied control cabinet unless it subjected the end product to extensive additional UL safety testing at its own expense, a time-consuming process that often delays bringing a new machine to market.

Using UL-Recognised connectors from HARTING simplifies and fast tracks end product certification. There is a UL-Recognised HARTING connector product for almost any control panel application. All are well-proven catalogue products, employed in a wide range of applications, including control cabinets certified to other international standards.

To help you better understand and optimise your Industrial Control Systems, we've created a comprehensive eBook on rectangular industrial connectors.

HARTING's Guide to Industrial Connectors

Learn more about the Han® range of Modular and Monobloc and know what you need to consider when designing or choosing a connector for your application.

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