Modular or Monobloc?

HARTING's Guide to Industrial Connectors

Following on from the benefits of using a connector over hardwiring, there are two types of connectors you will need to be aware of when designing an interface for your applications.

Modular Connector

Modularisation is the use of a multipurpose connector that can simultaneously provide multiple sources of connectivity. Data, power, signal and pneumatic can be provided in one housing due to the ability of combining various modules to create a unique interface.


Han-Eco® Modular Connector
Han-Eco® Monobloc Connector

Monobloc Connector

A monobloc is a single purpose connector that provides only one source of connectivity such as power or signal. Because of this, the monobloc is able to provide a high density of contacts under one housing and enables interfaces and systems to be standardised.


Modular or monobloc?

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HARTING's Guide to Industrial Connectors

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