New Han Configurator Tool

Build Your Bespoke Connector Solution the Smart Way

Get recommended connector solutions, play with interactive 3D visualisations, easily download step files and auto create a BoM. With a click of a button immediately save and share your bespoke connector design with colleagues!

Han Configurator How to Use
Han® Configurator: Tailor-made interface design made simple

When you need to find the right interfaces for your machine construction do you end up embarking on a long, drawn-out quest, (that could rival Jon Snow hunting down the White Walkers), searching for technical details, 3D drawings and data files for many different connector options.

Then do you waste so much time compiling it all, importing it all individually into your drawing program and building your solution up, having meetings to present the solution to your colleagues in person as they don't have the software tool. Next the changes come and you are back to searching the internet for solutions and files once more...

Does this sound familiar? Well no more my friend! The new Han® Configurator tool has been designed to take that scenario, screw it up and throw it out. It's all about ease of use, agility in finding your perfect connector solution and effective collaboration with your colleagues or customers.

Why Use HARTING Han® Configurator Tool?

  • You can be sure your solution is viable thanks to our "Smart Assistant"
  • Collaborate freely with colleagues, save and share your bespoke connector with a short code
  • Download STP files, data sheets and automatically create a BoM for your connector design easily
  • Explore your Han® connector design with an interactive 3D visualisation
  • Move from configuration to eShop and purchase directly from the tool
Build your connector solution the smart way

When overhauling the Han® Configurator, HARTING focused on what people do in practice. The aim is to meet your application requirements efficiently when configuring interfaces.

It takes just three inputs (contacts, voltage and current) and a handful of steps to generate the first possible solution. Suggestions for alternative interfaces can be found at the push of a button. The current configuration is displayed as a 3D model. Alternatively there is still the option of configuring a connector yourself step by step without the "Smart Assistant". 

Click to see Interactive 3d Industrial Connector Visualisation come to life!

How do I get started?

1) Jump right in! - Launch the new Han Configurator and get going. Three inputs is all you need to start you on your Han® Connector journey.

2) Learn a little more? - If you're the kind of person that likes to read the instruction manual before you start building your flat pack then we have a helpful guide to the New Han Configurator® tool that you can get stuck into. If video tutorials are more your thing, then we have that too! 

3) Let's talk about it - We like to talk too, so if you want one of our Han Connector experts to guide you through your configuration, get in touch! We can also "sanity check" your configuration and offer tips on how to get the most out of our Han Modular range. 

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