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Motor cable connection kits for SEW-EURODRIVE drives

Motor cable connection kits for SEW-EURODRIVE drives
HARTING offers suitable connector sets for various types of SEW-EURODRIVE motors.

Many SEW-EURODRIVE gear motors and drive systems include Han® industrial connectors on the motor side. HARTING provides connector sets suitable for various SEW-EURODRIVE motor types for assembling the motor connection cables. 

Why connectors are better than motor terminal boards
Connectors are clearly superior to conventional connections using motor terminal boards – especially when considering the connection reliability and reduced downtimes and assembly costs.
Our extensive selection of different connectors covers a wide variety of drives and electrical parameters. Their additional functions also enable user-specific wiring. A replacement of a drive unit that uses a plug-in connection can be carried out very quickly by personnel who are not trained electricians. Risks stemming from downtimes and outage-related costs are thus reduced to a minimum. The use of pre-assembled standardised connections virtually eliminates the risk of making a faulty termination. Hybrid connections for power and signal lines help to avoid the very serious consequences of faulty contacting when working with networked decentralised drives. Very time-consuming and cost-intensive troubleshooting processes are almost completely eliminated in this case.

Connectors suitable for ambient conditions
HARTING Han® industrial connectors can be implemented with various types of housings. This ensures that the plug-in connection is optimally protected for the particular ambient conditions. The degree of protection is always IP65 or higher. EMC-compliant terminations can also be implemented easily and quickly.

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