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3D-MID Systems In Medical Technology

About 3D-MID

As medical devices continue to get smaller, traditional circuit boards with wires and electronic components have become too large for many medical applications. 

3D Molded Interconnect Device (MID) technology replaces circuit boards by utilizing a 3-dimensional circuit on molded plastic to fit the space of a small applications.  The 3D shape also allows a more compact integration of electrical components into the available space.  

Many markets have benefited from 3D-MID technology.  One of the most prolific adopters is for medical applications.

3D-MID in the Medical Market

3D-MID technologies enable systems that are smaller and lighter, making the technology an ideal solution for hearing aids, implants and surgical and dental instruments. The technology has also been used to advance developments in the areas of cardiac devices, antenna applications, patient monitoring, diagnosis, therapy, and rehabilitation. 

Microphone carrier for a hearing aid

Hearing aids are extremely compact, but also require the use of multiple technologies, such as microphones and control electronics.
Using a 3D MID circuit board, a hearing aid company was able to add a microphone to their hearing aid without increasing size. 

Ring switch for diagnosing tooth decay

In dentistry, modern laser technologies can identify healthy dental substance from unhealthy areas without exposing patients to radiation. 
By implementing a 3D-MID ring switch, a dental instruments company was able to significantly improve the instrument's ergonomics and weight, while reducing assembly efforts and input in the process.

Optics carrier and heating element for dental diagnosis

In dentistry, instruments can detect healthy teeth by color. By irradiating the teeth with high energy light, areas affected by tooth decay are defined by weaker fluorescent  luminosity and can consequently be distinguished from healthy tooth substance. 
Using a 3D-MID solution that integrated an optics carrier and a heating element, a dentistry instruments manufacturer was able to reduce the weight of the device, number of assembly steps and lower overall costs.

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