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Breakthrough Single Pair Ethernet Technology

Single Pair Ethernet is revolutionizing communication across industrial applications. 

Learn how HARTING is driving this breakthrough. 

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AQ: How Industrial Single Pair Ethernet Will Enable Barrier-Free Communication from Cloud to Sensor

Single Pair Ethernet Symposium

Single Pair Ethernet is the game changing technology for bringing a single communication protocol from the cloud to every device on an Industrial network.  Join technology leaders from Texas Instruments, HARTING, Belden and Würth Elektronik for an update on the current state of Industrial Single Pair Ethernet.  

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Industrial Ethernet Cable using Single Pair Ethernet in the North American Market

Single Pair Ethernet is revolutionizing the North American market, evident by industry leading manufacturers already implementing it into their next-generation IIoT devices. But what is Industrial Single Pair Ethernet? How is it different from other industrial Ethernet applications? Click “Learn More” to visit HARTING’s page that goes into detail about the origin of Industrial Single Pair Ethernet, the applications for it, the components used within devices to achieve it, and more.

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HARTING’s T1 Industrial for Single Pair Ethernet

Single Pair Ethernet is the future of industrial Ethernet connectivity. HARTING understood this in 2015 when design began of a connectivity solution that would serve as the industrial and heavy industrial standard for Single Pair Ethernet. We took the best parts of Ethernet technology already available, analyzed and removed the pain points of the current industrial Ethernet connectivity, and innovated the T1 Industrial®. Click “Learn More” to visit HARTING’s page that goes into detail about the development of T1 Industrial®, its advantages, the applications that will benefit from it, and the global standards organization that have named T1 Industrial® as the standard connectivity solution for industrial applications.

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SPE Explained: How is Industrial Single Pair Ethernet being Developed?

The Industrial Single Pair Ethernet Partner Network

HARTING has been leading in the development and global standardization of an industrial connectivity solution to bring Single Pair Ethernet to many international markets. We recognize that Single Pair Ethernet needs collaboration and rapid development, so in 2019 HARTING and 6 other founding companies formed the SPE Partner Network. This new and exciting global organization aims to increase the development of all components that support Single Pair Ethernet, educate the market about the potential of this new physical technology and its benefits, and get manufacturers excited about their applications that will be connected to a network via Ethernet possibly for the first time ever!  Click “Learn More” to visit HARTING’s page that goes into detail about the goals of the SPE Partner Network, it’s founding members, where the partner network will be this year, and how to join.

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To address any questions regarding this new technology, HARTING Americas has created a local expert support team. Click here to contact the team.

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