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Rugged Industrial Push Pull Connectors | Outdoor, Waterproof

HARTING PushPull connectors are heavy duty electrical connectors that provide compact outdoor rated solutions for a safe shock-and-vibration-resistant connection.

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What is the HARTING Industrial PushPull Connector?

HARTING industrial PushPull connectors are a small form factor industrial connector series for data, signal and power. The push pull connectors rely strongly on their internal locking mechanisms, which provide a secure and robust connection without any requirement to twist into place or use levers. This innovation makes connection and disconnection of the connector simple, even in the case of outdoor connectors or hard-to-reach locations. The audible click lets the user know when a connection is in place. Thanks to the corrosion resistance of the plastic housings and hoods, the HARTING PushPull connectors can be used as outdoor electrical connectors.

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Benefits of the HARTING Industrial PushPull Connectors

  • High-density nature provides space savings
  • Available in rectangular or circular PushPull form factors making it suitable for all applications
  • Reliable use everywhere, including outdoors and when waterproof connectors are needed
  • Connection and disconnection without any tools and just a single hand
  • Full portfolio - functional for power, signal and data connections
  • Comfortable, fast and safe installation that includes audible feedback
  • Field-installable multi-feature option available
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HARTING PushPull Connectors

This product is perfect for those in search of outdoor connectors, such as for surveillance cameras, cell phones or train signaling. These PushPull connectors were specifically designed to withstand the harsh environments and challenges, such as dirt. The fully protected contacts and rugged housing of the HARTING PushPull SFP XS prevents poor communication due to environmental challenges for a reliable, safe and compact solution.

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Boyce Testimonial YouTube

Boyce Technologies Uses PushPull in Help Points

In some applications, a single minute of downtime can be disastrous. This was the case for Boyce Technologies, that was commissioned by the New York City Transit Authority, to design and build help points. These help points are located in subway stations and provide access to emergency services. 

Learn how the PushPull helped Boyce Technologies prevent downtime, due to wiring issues, and ensure reliability in rugged environments. 

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Schneider Electric Customer Testimonial Video

Schneider Electric Uses Push Pull Connectors

Data Center customers have multifaceted needs, requiring fast deployment, reliability and efficiency. HARTING PushPull connectors stand up to the tough job of keeping up with the Schneider’s EcoFlair air economization system. Schneider Electric needed outdoor connectors, waterproof connectors, simple connections and easy maintenance.  The HARTING PushPull met all those needs and more.

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Robotics and Automobile Production

The concept behind push pull connectors of easy to use, reliable, space-saving solutions lines up perfectly with the modularity of modern robotics.  As cobots and modular robots are growing in use, connection solutions that are quick and easy are critical to modern production plants.

The HARTING PushPull Variant 14 is particularly useful for automotive production, withstanding tough stress tests with a convenient connector form factor and compatibility with multiple input types.


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Telecommunications and Cameras

Outdoor connectors like the push pull line from HARTING can withstand the harsh weather conditions thanks to their waterproofing and overall sturdiness. Applications can include 100-meter transmissions in modern wind power plants.

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Push pull connectors function in trains, an environment that poses challenges due to its vibrations. The M12 PushPull allows for ease of installation with the circular push pull connector footprint that transportation requires.  In addition, the push pull functionality offers space-savings as the connectors can be installed closer together than a standard M12 circular connector.  This is because the M12 PushPull does not require additional space for a hand to twist into place.

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Data Centers

Preassembled cables and push pull connectors are useful for reduced ownership costs and maintenance time in data centers, especially in comparison to hardwiring. Push pull connectors allow for plug and play functionality without wiring errors. 

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Automation and Device Construction

In device construction and automation, there is no longer a need to rely on circular connectors with limited spaces or Ethernet connections. The push pull connectors let modern Human Machine Interfaces function seamlessly with video signals in the same housing.

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