On September 1, 1945, Wilhelm and Marie Harting founded a company named "Wilhelm Harting Mechanical Workshops". In a small hall of about 100 m2 in a Minden repair shop, they began producing devices for everyday needs. Initially, these were products for everyday use. They produced energy-saving bulbs, sought-after hotplates, electric fencing equipment, waffle irons, electric lighters and irons. The size and scope of their orders increased and the company grew steadily.

A success story

Founder Wilhelm Harting recognized early that the emerging German industry needed technical products. Their committed employees and innovative ideas helped them work towards the goal of developing a connector that would be robust, easy to handle, and applicable for a variety of purposes. Wilhelm Harting had long recognized the need for such a product.

And soon thereafter, the Han®connector made its convincing market debut and went on to set a globally recognized standard. He has remained the backbone of the Technology Group during all its changes.

Meanwhile, HARTING Technology Group has become a global leader supplying connectivity solutions for the three main lifelines of industrial technology – data, signals and power – with 14 production sites and 43 sales companies worldwide.

The company also manufactures electronic cash registers for retail use, electromagnetic actuators for automotive and industrial series production, charging technology and cables for electrical vehicles, as well as hardware and software for customers and applications in the automation, robotics and transportation sectors.

"I don't want to see any products being returned." These words by Wilhelm Harting make it clear that just as much value was placed on high quality then as it is today.

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Three generations of entrepreneurship

The Harting family has been leading the company, with great passion for detail, since its foundation. After the death of Wilhelm Harting in 1962, Marie Harting continued to lead the company successfully and purposefully. In 1967 and 1969, the two sons Dietmar and Jürgen Harting (deceased in 1973) assumed corporate responsibility alongside their mother. In 1987, Margrit Harting joined the family business of her husband Dietmar Harting, serving today as a general partner. Philip F. W. Harting and Maresa W. M. Harting-Hertz now represent the third generation in leading positions. Since October 2015, Philip Harting has been the CEO of the HARTING Technology Group. To date, these four make the decisions for the company together.

The most important member of the family is the company – it is the diva. It is represented by the people at the top. Everyone has their own rights and obligations. We have a long-term strategy for the business. We think in terms of generations.

Margrit Harting
Member of the Board and Partner

From the garage to a global company

The genesis was a desire to make people's everyday lives easier. Innovative strength, commitment and entrepreneurial vision then paved the way for the evolution to a globally successful company. Around 6.200 employees worldwide contribute daily to making sure that we do not rest on our laurels, but rather concentrate on further innovations and growth targets. In doing so, we are guided by our vision: