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Heavy Duty Plug and Play Industrial Connectors

What is Plug and Play?

Heavy-duty plug-and-play electrical connectors are used to transmit power, signal, data, and more between industrial equipment.  Heavy duty connectors are rugged and built specifically for harsh environments, with features that ensure reliability where general use connectors would fail.  These connectors are designed with materials that will remain intact in industrial environments and protect  sensitive internal components from dust, water, and other elements that could damage them.  

Using an electrical connector inherently makes it easier to connect and disconnect power.  This contrasts with hardwiring contacts directly to a terminal block, which is time consuming and prone to error.  By choosing a connector – a “plug-and-play” solution – equipment becomes easier to install and maintain, while lowering the total cost of ownership over the equipment’s lifecycle.

Benefits of Industrial Plug and Play Electrical Connectors :

  • Reduce installation time from hours to minutes 
  • Control labor costs by eliminating the risk of miswiring and troubleshooting during installation 
  • Reduce maintenance time

Rugged connections that will withstand harsh environments

What is Han-Modular® with Cory Jenkins
Heavy Duty Industrial Plug-and-Play Electrical Connectors are made for every environment.

How are Plug and Play Industrial Connectors used?

Plug-and-play industrial electrical connectors support fast, reliable installation throughout the entire lifecycle of equipment.  For OEMs, choosing a connector enables the cabling to be pre-assembled and pre-tested prior to installation.  This simplifies the overall installation process while saving valuable time and avoiding troubleshooting caused by wiring errors.

For the end user, selecting suppliers who use connectors is always preferred as wiring errors caused by hardwiring always have the greatest impact on the end-user.  Whether those errors occur during initial installation or maintenance, the cost often falls to the end user in terms of skilled labor costs and downtime. 

HARTING connectors are plug-and-play.  There are many different types of connectors to suit a range of environmental and application-based needs. Explore our most popular connector lines below.

Schneider Electric Partnership: 

Hear from Schneider Electric on how plug-and-play industrial connectors reduced data center installation time, increased reliability, and enabled global standardization.

Schneider Electric Customer Testimonial Video

RG Group Customer Testimonial:

Watch to see how RG Group was able to improve the quality and overall system reliability, while simplifying installation by partnering with HARTING.

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