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Cabling solutions for data centers

Plug-in cable assemblies simplify installation and reduce maintenance costs.

Data centers are centralized or mobile facilities that enable services in the field of data processing and communications, such as the transmission, storage or processing of data. A fundamental requirement for operating computers, screens, drives, network components and data lines is ensuring a permanent supply of electricity. Power must also be available for infrastructure tasks, such as cooling and air conditioning, fire monitoring and fighting, security and control, lighting, elevators, drives, motors and much more.

An important part of the power supply chain in data centers is implemented using power distribution units (remote power panels or RPPs) and smaller rack power distribution units (rPDUs). RPPs are power distributors that come in various sizes. The PDUs are large, often intelligent, "socket strips" for supplying electrical equipment. They are installed in control cabinets which are optimized for data centers.

Solutions for power distribution units (PDUs)

The use of plug-in, pre-assembled cabling solutions optimizes the energy supply chain for the data center.

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Solutions for energy storage

Ready-made connection cables speed up the construction of energy storage systems in data centers.

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