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Cable Assemblies

When it comes to creating customised cable assemblies, HARTING have a wealth of experience. Whatever your requirements, we can manufacture tailor made solutions for you. 

As markets and industries evolve, demand is increasing for bespoke, custom-made products. Using the extensive HARTING product range, we’ll work closely with you to design and manufacture custom cable assemblies that meet your exact and specific requirements. With forty years’ experience of crafting cable assemblies for the UK market, we can offer you:

  • Standard or custom cable lengths
  • Plastic or metal housings
  • Market-leading connectors from the extensive HARTING range, including M12, RJ45 and modular solutions for the transmission of data, signals and power


Han® industrial connectors have been a reliable solution for the transmission of power, signals and data since the 1950s. In addition to the standard rectangular heavy-duty design, we also offer modular and compact connectors. Recent innovations include hinged frames for high mating cycles (HMC) and pneumatic modules for the transmission of compressed air.

The Han-Modular® series allows you to design connectors to suit your exact requirements. By combining individual modules for different transmission media with standard-sized industrial connector housings, you can create flexible and versatile solutions, which help to future-proof designs and deliver cost savings.

Cable Assemblies

Alongside heavy-duty connectors, our standard products can also be designed into efficient solutions and cable assemblies for the transmission of data, signals and power. Our cross-market expertise has seen us design and manufacture solutions for a wide range of markets, including transportation, mechanical and plant engineering, automation technology, data centres and energy distribution.

M12 Cable Assemblies

We offer a wide range of all-purpose M12 circular connectors, including A-, B-, D- or X-coded, which can be used for the supply of data, signals and power. These are available with a traditional screw connection or the new, fast PushPull locking mechanism. The M12 PushPull uses an intuitive, tool-free connection technique; as the two sections are clicked into place by hand, an audible feedback indicates the connection is secure. This simplifies tricky installations in enclosed areas and means the assembly density can be significantly increased, helping to save valuable space. 

RJ45 Cable Assemblies

Our RJ45 cable assemblies are the perfect solution for transmitting high data rates in harsh industrial environments. Like the M12, they are available with PushPull connection technology for installations where space is at a premium. We also offer the innovative HARTING VarioBoot® RJ45, which gives you the flexibility to reroute cable lines without interference or transmission loss.

PushPull Cable Assemblies

Able to supply the lifelines of data, signals and power in all capacity ranges, the PushPull range is available in a variety of materials to suit your requirements. From the robust V4 Industrial with a housing that protects from aggressive industrial chemicals to the sleek M12 with its capacity to deliver data transfer rates of up to 10GBit/s. You can also allocate colour codes to each PushPull plug and socket to help reduce cabling errors and ensure each line is easily identifiable.

ix Industrial® Cable Assemblies

The HARTING ix Industrial® is our answer to the challenges presented by Industry 4.0 and the IoT, an innovative solution which sets a new industrial standard for Ethernet connections. In order to make it suitable for the next generation of miniaturised products, HARTING have made the ix Industrial® PCB jack 70% smaller than the RJ45 socket. In addition, the ix combines both data transmission and power supply into a single interface. Despite its reduced size, the ix Industrial® still produces Cat. 6A performance for 1/10Gbit/s Ethernet at a control level.


Not only will we work closely with you to design and manufacture custom cable assemblies to suit your requirements, we can also support you with thorough and expert in-house testing of cabling and wiring.

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