Datacentre Power Distribution and Data Cabling Solutions

Save time and money in the field.

Pre-assembled connectors and cables can reduce maintenance time and reduce the overall cost of ownership compared to hardwiring. Field labor is expensive, and wiring errors can cause additional costs and downtime. Using connectors provides a plug-and-play solution that is quick, easy, and eliminates wiring errors.

Open hardware innovations

HARTING is proud to be a contributing partner in the Open Compute Project and Microsoft’s Project Olympus. Microsoft recently featured our Han-Eco® product in their keynote address at both the Open Compute Project US Summit and Data Center World Global. You can see details above in this short video.

HARTING's Solutions

Power Distribution Cabling

The benefits of connectors versus hardwiring has a major role to play in the improved design and reduced power distribution system installation time for the latest generation of modular datacentres.

Using ‘Plug & Play’ cable assemblies streamlines the entire data centre while reducing costs and, hence increasing profitability.  Datacentre application solutions can be found with the power distribution links from the Low Voltage Switchgear to the UPS (uninterrupted power supply) and then on to the main Floor PDUs (power distribution unit), PMDUs or Server Rack mounted PDU Strips.  In addition they help to provide flexibility for overhead Power Busway distribution, enabling tap-off points at any point along the Busway and repositioning as and where required.

A HARTING Han-Eco® Modular ‘Plug & Play’ cable assembly approach gives a PDU manufacturer the option of standardising on the size of their equipment, by offering a uniform footprint for the power entry points. For example, for power distribution circuits handling 40 and 70 A, cable assemblies using the Han-Eco® Modular connector system offers a solution within the same size footprint, achieved by loading the appropriately rated current handling modular inserts during factory assembly. There is then no need to modify the PDU design, thus shortening and simplifying the design phase.  As a result, the manufacturers of the PDU and/or UPS systems can rationalise their available range of parts and hence reduce stock costs. Unlike the situation for PDUs using circular power cord interfaces, where a separate version would need to be produced for each power rating type.

Han Eco®

Quick and easy 'Plug & Play' connectivity

The Han-Eco® is an electrical connector that makes installation quick and easy and ensures critical power to data systems. The Han-Eco® system features a plastic hood and housing and either power inserts with a built in ground for safety or modular inserts that allow mixing of signal, power, and data in a single connector. The Han-Eco® will integrate into power distribution units of the future, ensuring safer power connection points, space savings with modularity, and decreased downtimes to install or replace.

Han Eco

Han-Eco Modular Vs IEC 60309 circular connectors

  • Smaller panel fixing area
  • Han-Eco Modular offers high reliable crimp termination Vs IEC 60309 circular screw type
  • Better heat dissipation vs IEC 60309 circular
  • Higher rated voltage 1000V Han-Eco Modular Vs only 400V for IEC 60309
  • Han-Eco modular offers more flexibility for future design upgrades

Compact, lightweight power connectors

There is a growing level of interest within the datacentre environment to reduce the size design footprint of a complete site installation. Also environmental issues are becoming more important like reducing operational energy consumption and even the weight of equipment for easier & safe location mounting and handling during servicing and maintenance. This applies to all areas including Power Distribution.

As a consequence HARTING can offer more compact relatively high power connectivity solutions with a minimum working voltage around 400V. 40 Amps working current with it’s Han® Q 2/0 for single phase 2 pin + Earth applications, with finger safe male and female insert design. These will all fit in the compact lever locking Han® 3A thermoplastic hoods and housings to minimise weight and offer a smaller panel fixing footprint against the commonly used standard IEC power connectors. 

Potential applications include alternative roof mounted Server Rack Automatic Transfer Switches where if the primary power source becomes unavailable, the rack ATS will seamlessly source power from the secondary source without interrupting critical loads

HARTING can also provide the additional space saving Han® Q4/2 which offers finger safe inserts in thermoplastic Han-Compact® hoods and housings. These can be used for three phase power distribution links, at 40 Amps and 400V Rated voltage conductor-earth, between LV Switchgear and PDU.

Modular Data Centre Plug & Play Solutions

HARTING and Schneider Electric Company have developed a partnership which delivers solutions for real world Data Centre applications. Click here to learn more and watch the application videos.

Battery Energy Storage Systems

Han S

Han® S

Our new series features housings accommodating a heavy current contact up to 200 A. The pin contacts are mounted in the attachment housing, which is freely pivotable. The locking system engages intuitively. The use of red for plus and black for minus, combined with the mechanical coding system, mean that the interfaces cannot be confused. The Han® S interface has been designed to comply with special requirements, which means this compact plug connection will not heat the surroundings even when transmitting high currents. The connector housing has also been designed to move as freely as possible to enhance performance and efficient cooling.


HARTING Customised Solutions

HARTING Ltd has the capability to build customised cables to fit your needs.

The HARTING manufacturing facility in Northampton has the following certifications:

HMUK Ltd have experience of supplying both UL and CE marked cable assemblies to meet the most demanding of customer requirements. If you have a requirement for a UL or CE marked assembly, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Power Cords

For Power Distribution Units (PDU), Power Distribution & Management Units and Power Strip interconnection. Each data centre will have Power Cords/Whips that convert the local A/C power standard into a standardised input, carrying power from a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) or Remote Power Panel (RPP) underneath a raised floor, or overhead to power up equipment, typically servers racks.

Power Busway

A Busway is defined as a prefabricated electrical distribution system consisting of bus bars contained within a protective enclosure.  It allows a more modularised power distribution approach and is an alternative to traditional method of using PDUs and RPPs (Remote Power Panels).  Within a datacentre such Busways run overhead and have preassembled tap-off units that supply power from the busways to server cabinets, installed wherever they are needed without shutting down the Busway.  These tap-off units are connected to the server rack PDUs via either tethered single ended connector or double-ended power cords.  Historically these power connectors have been based on the circular IEC 60309 design but increasingly these are being replaced by HARTING’s high reliability crimp termination Han-Eco® Modular series connectors and hence power cords similar to that shown.


Datacentre Low Voltage Switchgear connectivity solutions

Main & Sub Distribution Boards, Motor Control Centres and Control Panels in Withdrawable Design

HARTING offers Low Voltage Switchgear manufacturers who provide equipment to datacentre operators with connector product solutions that support the need for higher reliability and minimized downtime, critical to such an application environment.  In particular it provides connectivity solutions that support the latest withdrawable switchgear designs by providing blind mating alignment, ensuring safe mating and unmating of drawer units, helping to provide fast and reliable maintenance which is very important for datacentre installations.  

The HARTING Han® Docking Frame and Han-Modular® Docking Frame solutions provide such design options and examples of these are shown below, together with a typical withdrawable drawer installed layout.  HARTING has further enhanced this concept for this application with its Han-Modular® Sliding Frame design which can realise three different mating positions. In the intermediate state called “testing position”, the signal circuit of a system can be checked before switching on power connections. As a result, the electrical and electronic components of power distribution systems are better protected. All these solutions also help switchgear designers to provide a modular design architecture, allowing even greater installed flexibility and futureproofing of equipment upgrades.

Automatic Transfer Switch

An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is often installed where a backup generator is located, so that the generator may provide temporary electrical power if the utility source fails.

Han® 3HPR Series

The HARTING Han® 3HPR series is a compact power connector rated up to 40 Amp.  It offers toggle locking of the hood and bulkhead mounting housing using a standard screwdriver. This offers greater security in comparison to the manual free connect and disconnect of a typical IEC power connector, often used in datacentre server rack power-up installations.


Data Network Cabling

The HARTING iX Industrial connector offers significant internal board to cable and I/O panel space saving allowing more ports in the same space and significant ruggedised mating handling benefits for next generation 10Gbit/s Server equipment design.  This would potentially benefit  datacentre operators by creating more compact Server Rack installations and offer a significant improvement in installed structured cable handling and reduced replaceable cable maintenance costs.

Meet the ix Industrial

Benefits of the ix Industrial

  • Saving 70% pcb real-estate compared to the RJ45
  • Robust, high vibration resistant active locking mating system
  • Extended lifespan with 5,000 mating cycles
  • High EMC resistance provides secure high-speed transmission
  • Cat 6A 500MHz performance for 1 to 10Gbit/s over distances up to 100 metres
  • A parallel 11mm pcb minimum mounting pitch, maximizes thru-panel I/O density
  • Right Angle, Vertical & Letterbox pcb mounting options

Har-port service interfaces

HARTING's har-port offers a compact, sophisticated and visually appealing system for service interfaces to Power Distribution Cabinets and Automatic Transfer Switches. In addition to time-saving installation with pre-connected path cables, the wide range of accessories is particularly impressive: from snap-on label holders to protective covers in IP65 / IP67.

  • Usable for Ethernet 1/10 Gbit or USB 2.0 / 3.0
  • Simple mounting with the M22 central fastening
  • Practical accessories

HA-VIS preLink® RJ45

Speed-up and increase the reliability of repair of on-site data network cabling with HARTING’s Ha-VIS preLink® RJ45 system.

The Ha-VIS preLink ® termination block is at the heart of the system: it can be wired with total safety in one step using our preLink ® crimping tool. This ensures that your cabling remains versatile and sustainable into the future – with 100% process reliability!  Alternatively, the termination blocks can be supplied to custom lengths as pre-assembled single or double-ended patch leads and in this format they can be very easily dragged through existing datacentre cable trays or conduits.  Then the cable ends would be simply hand-clicked into the RJ45 plug connector housings!

  • Pre-assembled cable segments can be swapped out quickly during maintenance and upgrades.
  • Comfortable and time-saving installation even in cramped conditions.

The same three simple steps are required for each installation:

HA-VIS preLink® RJ45 Connector housing types available:

RJ Industrial® MultiFeature RJ45

For even easier RJ45 field maintenance and repair of Ethernet data networking cables HARTING also offers the RJ Industrial® MultiFeature RJ45 series connectorsThe simple and error-free hand assembly approach for field attachable RJ45 connectors.

Minimum 25% faster assembly time compared with standard IDC RJ45 male plugs.


  • Very robust full metal design
  • Excellent Cat. 6A performance for 10Gbit/s Ethernet
  • Straight and angled versions
  • Angled versions with variable cable outlet in 4 different cable outlet directions
  • Big cable diameter from 4,5 to 9 mm
  • Simple and fast cable fastening with bayonet lock and very robust and patented cable clamp
  • Ready for all Power over Ethernet (PoE) classes


  • Unique built-in side cutter (No side cutter required anymore - integrated cutting blades behind the IDC contacts cut the single wires to the right length)

Click below to watch our short video and see how easy it is to assemble the HARTING RJ Industrial® MultifeatureSeries.

HARTING RJ Industrial MultifeatureSeries

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