Products & Solutions

Design Capabilities

We have a team of highly-skilled individuals who can support you at all stages of your customised solution design.


  • Individual customer solutions to precisely match your requirements
  • Based on your design and specifications
  • Customised solutions based on the HARTING connectivity portfolio
  • Meets all stringent industry and environmental requirements
  • Accurate timing to ensure all your project milestones are met
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HARTING Customised Solutions are your engineering partner for the full scope of your project. Our design solutions include CAD and simulation tools and prototype production for concept validation.

  • Mechanical & Electrical construction (2D / 3D)
  • Conceptual solutions
  • Simulations
  • Siemens NX fully integrated with SAP Engineering Control Centre
  • Designed for manufacturing to IPC / WHMA-A-620 standard
  • 3D printed customer parts for proof of concept
  • Extended global supplier base for quick turnaround
  • Local team available to help with first installations and design queries
  • Flexible and timely responses to design changes
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  • Complete set of documentation
  • Product and solutions validation via the HARTING Corporate Technology Services (CTS) department. Certified to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 for the testing of electro-mechanical components, electronic and fibre-optic transmission systems, geometries and material properties, in addition to EMC testing for CE-mark certification.
    • ​​​​​​​Dimensional measuring technology (2D, 3D and coordinate measuring)
    • Corrosion protection class and climatic tests
    • Vibration tests with climate overlay and current load
    • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC emission, EMC immunity)
    • Tests on fibre-optic components and systems
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