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PushPull - Time Saving Technology

The PushPull is optimised for future application and already meets even the toughest of requirements. The secure transmission of data, signal and power in all capacity ranges is one of the basic requirements for industrial applications. HARTING consistently implements these requirements with its range of versatile PushPull connectors. 

In industry and automation, we have different types, shapes and sizes of plug connectors for data, signal and power on an electrical basis and in various optical designs. Many different concepts have established themselves over decades of development. Square plug connectors, round plug connectors, waterproof designs, screw connections, connections to plug in and many more. With the PushPull connector we have future proofed the design to plugin on anyone’s requirements; HARTING's money saving tips

The housing material used to protect the PushPull connector could keep an army of white walkers out. HARTING has developed a new housing material that will protect from extremely aggressive chemicals such as the cutting oils used for lathing and milling machines. HARTING has also developed a new housing material: die cast zinc housing that will ensure EMC immunity (strong enough to repel the electromagnetic energy from Darth Sidious's hands). Finally, gasses and liquids are unfavourable influencing factors against which the connection must be protected. The seals in the housings used for this purpose must therefore provide a flush closure at a certain pressure to establish tightness.

Die cast zinc housing
New locking mechanism

Thanks to the PushPull locking mechanism, the plug-in process is safe and intuitive (no need for a locksmith). The simple and effective rotation lock is easy to use, preventing unintentional pulling and resulting in improved process reliability, which is vital within industry. Once connected, a correctly secured plugged-in connection is indicated by an acoustic click. The lock mechanism compliments the already secure internal latching mechanism.

A quick speed test? By using PushPull connectors connection time is minimised, reducing down-time of machines particularly if a production facility needs to be located or converted, increasing the time spent ‘live’. Moreover, transitioning to PushPull connectors will reduce set-up costs. It is still the case that many connections must be established in order to connect control cabinets or switches, and here, much time is lost through the comparatively complex screwing of plug connectors, as opposed to the quick and easy PushPull Technology - the easylife.

Arrow connection indication
Connector colour coding

How to save money? Colour markings chiefly increases the speed of the plug and play connectivity. Exploring this further, the colour markings ensure an easy mating process by giving you quick indication that the female and male parts are correctly aligned with each other preventing those awkward moments. Building upon this, the colour markings also ensure that the connector and socket are properly assigned to each other. If there are numerous PP connectors, the technician can easily keep track of all of them, preventing incorrect wiring.


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