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Testing Capabilities

HARTING has the necessary experience and expertise to carry out thorough testing of all products using high-performance equipment

HARTING Customised Solutions: Tensile Testing

Tensile Testing

One of our areas of expertise is the ability to carry out thorough tensile testing of cabling and wiring. Our high-performance testing facility can handle loads of up to 30Kn and crimp sizes from 0.14mm up to 400mm. In addition, we offer cellular and line flexible based processing to meet your specific requirements. Other benefits include: 

  • Bespoke reporting
  • A fully modular system for precise testing needs
  • A strong clamping force for materials that are difficult to hold
HCS UK: High Voltage Testing

High Voltage Testing

We can produce in-depth test result reports to your exact specifications. Many of our customers require some form of attached test report with each item, which can be provided digitally or with each individual delivery. We also produce custom fixtures to aid productivity. Supported test types include:

  • Connection test
  • Short test
  • Component test
  • Insulation test
  • Electric strength test
  • Functional test of switches and push buttons
  • Functional test of relays
  • Component test with RLC meter

Jumper Cable Testing

We have extensive experience in jumper cable assembly as we have been volume manufacturing in the UK since 2007. Our capabilities include:

  • Dedicated process One Piece Flow lines
  • Custom fixtures to aid productivity
  • Industry leading manufacturing techniques

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