Using PushPull to call for help at the touch of a button

What is Infrastructure Cabling?

Infrastructure cabling refers to the design and implementation of cabling systems that carry power, signal, and data. Infrastructure components include Ethernet, power, patch panels, and patch cables.

Infrastructure Cabling using PushPull call for help in the New York City Subway

"Safety first" in the New York City subway: Boyce Technologies Inc's, infrastructure cabling project involves installing a new emergency call system, with the HARTING Technology Group supplying the right connector system: PushPull V4.

New wireless communication consoles, called Help Points, will significantly increase the information and security standards in New York subways. These Help Points are attached to columns or walls in each station and will enable passengers to access information or contact a control center directly in an emergency. The control center can quickly and precisely identify the station from which the call originated and speak to each Help Point individually. The unreliable old analogue intercoms, which have a very poor voice quality, will be replaced by 2019. More than 6000 new units will be installed.

These state-of-the-art vertical Help Points required connectors that fit into the slim enclosures yet were also tough enough to withstand the rough environmental conditions of traffic applications.
The variant-4 PushPull connectors were chosen for this task. The manufacturer Boyce recessed the PushPull RJ45 cast insert in a special carrier rack.

The all-rounder for every task

In the New York subway, PushPull models such as the RJ45 cable assembly, 7-pin hybrid and 10-pin signal variants are used. But PushPull is not the only solution for emergency call stations. Boyce Technologies uses PushPull V4 in a wide range of applications. The safe and easy-to-use housing also serves as a reliable interface for shut-off barriers and fans, for Gigabit Ethernet, Power over Ethernet, fiber optic connections or even for power supply.

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