Powerful interfaces for the growing data stream

The amount of cable-based communication in rail vehicles is growing. Passengers use WLAN during their travel. Passenger information systems carry more and more messages, e.g., about the course of the route, the nearest stations or the weather. In addition, these systems also contain news and advertising.

Camera monitoring of train, track and platform further increases the data streams. To allow for the necessary communication, wagons and railcars need a powerful network infrastructure. Inside, they are equipped with appropriate network cables. Jumper cables provide for the data flow between the vehicles, with connectors attached to their ends. They are plugged on the outside walls of the vehicles.

Our requirement was to provide high-performance Ethernet. The pain point were 2 x 10 Gbit backbones both using ring topology networks to be fitted into one jumper cable and into another environment with limited space. The Han-Modular® Hinged Frame in combination with the data transmission modules and the M12 connector are the ideal solution for this application.”

Shane Duffy
Head of Supplier Management and Business Development, Porterbrook Leasing Company Limited

Space is scarce in rail vehicles

The Han® Megabit and Han® Gigabit modules are elements of the HARTING portfolio for maximum data transmission rates in limited space. They enable a 360-degree-shielded transmission in a modular connector. Enclosed in large hoods/housings for outdoor use, e.g., they achieve highest data and power transmission rates per space unit.

Up to 12 Han-Modular® modules fit into the Han® 34 HPR housing. HPR stands for the High Pressure Railway series. Made of die-cast aluminum, these hoods and housings meet all requirements in the railway sector. They are especially protected against corrosion, shock and vibration – with the highest degree of tightness (IP 68 / 69K) – and fulfil the requirements concerning fire resistance according to EN 45545-3.

New business opportunities due to clever marketing systems

The use of plug-in connectors with high transmission rates supports new business opportunities. High transmission rates e.g. allow for the integration of clever marketing systems, video-on-demand entertainment, and real time passenger information. At the same time, the security of data transmission on board is maintained and increased. Shielded transmission is provided by the Han® Gigabit module in conjunction with Han® HPR housings that are perfectly protected against electromagnetic interference.

Best practice of a successful expansion of data networks

The best example of a successful expansion of data networks in the railway sector is a Porterbrook project in England. Porterbrook leases rail vehicles to railway operators.

A modern, high-performance Ethernet cabling is an important argument for operators, wagons and/or railcars to lease. HARTING supports the high bandwidth Ethernet network with EMC shielded Han® Gigabit modules, jumper cable housings and Cat. 7A cable assemblies.

What our customers say:

HARTING is among the leading manufacturers of heavy-duty connectors for train vehicles. The company attaches particular importance to robust and long-lasting solutions that enable an easy and secure handling e.g. by using coding options. Finally, the respective cabling solution must be part of an overall concept, i.e., the data connectors should be considered as a part of the overall data infrastructure of the rail vehicle. 

The concept enables a smooth integration of electronic systems such as displays, monitoring cameras (equipped e.g. with M12 circular connectors) and sensors.


  • The market standard for modular industrial connectors

  • All-purpose use for data, signal and power

Data transmission modules

  • Han® Gigabit module
  • Han® Megabit module

Han® Quintax

  • Suitable for the transmission of sensitive signals (e.g. bus signals)

Ethernet Switches

  • Unmanaged Ethernet switches
  • Plug-and-play

M12 Circular connectors

  • All-purpose use for data, signal and power
  • Data transmission up to 10 Gbit/s
  • With PushPull or screw termination

Han® HPR Hoods/Housings

  • For harsh outdoor environments
  • Excellent EMC characteristics

  • Metal hoods and housings with excellent corrosion resistance

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