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Save time and money in the field.

Pre-assembled connectors and cables can reduce maintenance time and reduce the overall cost of ownership compared to hardwiring. Field labor is expensive, and wiring errors can cause additional costs and downtime. Using connectors provides a plug-and-play solution that is quick, easy, and virtually eliminates wiring errors.

Microsoft Reimagining Open Hardware Innovation at Cloud Speed

HARTING is proud to be a contributing partner in the Open Compute Project and Microsoft’s Project Olympus. Microsoft recently featured our Han-Eco® product in their keynote address at both the Open Compute Project US Summit and Data Center World Global. You can see details below in this short video.


  • Standardizes engineering, design and assembly
  • Eliminates the use of rigid conduit
  • Reduces panel clutter
  • Quickens disassembly
  • Lowers installation and wiring costs
  • Minimizes factory personnel at installation
  • Reduces wiring errors
  • Eliminates loose wiring failures


Quick and Easy Plug and Play Connectivity 

The Han-Eco® is an electrical connector that makes installation quick and easy and ensures critical power to data systems. The Han-Eco® system features a plastic hood and housing and either power inserts with a built in ground for safety or modular inserts that allow mixing of signal, power, and data in a single connector. The Han-Eco® will integrate into power distribution units of the future, ensuring safer power connection points, space savings with modularity, and decreased downtimes to install or replace.

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