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tec.news offers you an overview of technology and innovative highlights from the HARTING Technology Group. It provides its readers with inspiration, orientation, and support for their decisions. Tec.News presents outstanding HARTING technologies that have resulted in concrete solutions and products in specific applications. It underlines our strategic view – with both a current perspective and a visionary outlook towards the future.

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tec.news - Elektrisiert mich!

Energie überall, vernetzt, on demand: die Chancen der All Electric Society

Es ist nicht die Zeit der Unverbindlichkeit, denn Unverbindlichkeit führt zu endlosen Diskussionen. Und dadurch verlieren wir Zeit. Zeit, die im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes notwendig ist.
Die All Electric Society ist für mich ein Zukunftsbild, das in sich schlüssig ist. Eine weitreichende Vernetzung mit konvergenten Datenplattformen macht die Energieströme transparent und managebar und die Energie an sich ist regenerativ erzeugt. Das AESKonzept ist schlüssig und natürlich gibt es auch Bereiche, die mit der Elektrifizierung sich noch schwertun, und es gibt Brücken-Technologien in Bereichen, wo es nicht anders geht. Aber Alles in Allem stimmt mich die AES optimistisch, weil wir so jetzt mit Elan und Leidenschaft die Zukunft aktiv gestalten können.

tec.News 45 - Let's leave smaller footprints

Follow us on the path to reduce corporate- and product-carbon-emissions

In this issue, we’d like to take you on a journey from a sustainability perspective across the entire life cycle of our products:What do the Product Carbon Footprint and the Corporate Carbon Footprint look like at HARTING? How does sustainability influence the processes on our markets and how do we influence sustainability throughout these markets with our processes?

tec.News - Twin-Win-Situation

Fast wins for more data transparency

In this issue of our HARTING tec.news, we will be exploring the concept of the “digital twin”. To give it a general definition, a digital twin is a digital representation of a physical object. The term “twin” refers to a digital model that is virtually identical to its real counterpart at all times.

tec.News - RENEWROPE

About the power of renewable energies in Central Europe

With our current issue, we have now reached the end of the journey of our tec.news trilogy. After paying a visit to the USA and China on our previous stations, the focus is now on "Central Europe". Starting from here, we had set out to explore and present trends, innovations and technology topics from other parts of the world. Some 18 months later, we do not recognise Europe as we left it.

tec.News - Where tomorrow grows

How China pushes for progress

Rapid progress in digitalisation, automation and robotisation has shaped the Chinese Industrial sector as it stands today. Moving ahead, China embraces break-through innovations to foster high-quality growth and focuses on energy efficiency and a Green-economy to transform society into a more sustainable one. I am very proud that HARTING, being an active participant in this process, is enabling our partners along their journey with our connectivity solutions and thereby contributing to their success.

tec.News - Discover new possibilities

About the spirit of innovation

We are all allowed to travel again! Taking this as my cue, I would like to invite you most cordially to to join us on a journey around the world as part of a trilogy series starting with this issue. Our first stop is the United States of America – a country that, like no other, has stood for fascination, new beginnings and unlimited possibilities. The country under the current adminstration is committed to driving economic growth forward out of the pandemic and establishing a strong, acknowledged and respected profile on the world stage – a veritable dawning of new times!

tec.news - Time to answer the call

Future Technologies - The next Generation

The focus of this issue is on the future-oriented topics of “Transportation” and “Industrial Communication” which in turn derive from the megatrends we have previously looked at. They form a common thread running through the newly designed sections of our magazine: We start with a strategic editorial before handing over to our guest authors who will address these issues under the banner of “Future Trends” and shed their own particular light on them.

tec.News - Future Technology

Connectivity is what counts.

The future needs connectivity: Even seemingly wireless future technologies like 5G are not possible without connectivity. This is why we are constantly rethinking and redeveloping connectors, thus creating a strong connection between today and tomorrow.

tec.News - Industrial Transformation

How industry keeps reinventing itself.

The ongoing industrial transformation is having a direct impact on the development of connectors – and here, too, we can draw on extensive, in-depth know-how in order to be prepared for this future.

tec.News - Time to set new standards

Shaping the future with new standards

This era of Integrated Industry is seeing the industrial sector transition towards open standards. These enable others to participate and at the same time mutually support one another in partnership.