Customisation in Integrated Industry

The growing individualisation of products (mass customisation) is spreading throughout the value-added chain and has provided an initial spark for the fourth industrial revolution. Consumer products and industrial solutions are being adapted optimally to customer requirements. HARTING is focusing on connectivity solutions for Industry 4.0 manufacturing facilities, as well as for traffic engineering and other industrial segments.

Individual, high-quality customisations are the solution to customers' special requirements and issues surrounding the use and quality of their products. Machinery construction, automation technology, energy and traffic engineering are under great innovative pressure; the expectations are, now more than ever, for specially designed, versatile, tailor-made strategies, products and services. It is crucial to partner and coordinate with customers and users: from the initial idea sketch and analysis through to manufacturing, testing, simulating and subsequent servicing. This applies to both the development of customised solutions using open standards and for unique custom-made products: for large series production or small single-batch quantities. Achieving "optimised performance" is the customer's highest priority, whether the product is mass-produced or only made in small quantities. 

HARTING has developed a special solution for the wind industry. LED lighting systems with LED lamps, pluggable device connections, assembled cables and distributor units (from an uninterruptible power supply when needed) have been precisely designed for the specifics of wind power facilities. The optimum mounting position and light distribution for the lamps with the least amount of required material were individually analysed and determined using software modelling or directly on-site. The lamps were developed in-house and have very good light distribution. They can be used in the interior and outdoor areas of the wind power facilities. This means that significantly fewer LED spotlights are needed. Additional savings result from the minimised installation required and the so-called economies of scale.  

HARTING designs and manufactures effective, efficient and precise solutions tailored to individual customer requirements. This includes servicing and continual series production support. Our comprehensive expertise, technical support, engineering, service and testing make HARTING the ideal partner for a multitude of challenging tasks. Application-oriented solutions are professionally and promptly designed and implemented – in cooperation with our customers.