The adventures of the four little ethernet giants

Small plugs, giant undertakings – the future of miniaturised Ethernet

At a time when everything the industry believed in was shaken, something new has been born. Something small. Created to move great things.

It was designed at the dawn of digitalisation and under pressure from a changing world. Born from the power of strong ideas and shaped by decades of experience. Ready to connect today's industry with tomorrow's world.

Tw1ster – HARTING T1 Industrial

Ethernet transmission over only one pair of wires will become the future standard for automotive industry networks This transmission method also has great potential to be used for railway technology, automation and other sectors.

Dr. Metrix – the new heroine for the world of circular connectors with PushPull locking.

Her mission is to ensure fast and secure connections in harsh industrial environments. 
A completely integrated solution that eliminates the typical problems faced by automation users – such as long assembly times, space constraints and unsafe connections.

Captain ix – HARTING ix Industrial

All types of electronic devices are getting smaller; therefore the device interfaces and the system cables must become smaller, more powerful and at the same time more robust – making them little giants with superhero qualities.


Miss M8ty – the M8 D-coded Ethernet connector

The M8 is a common connector at the field level, but so far has only been used for forwarding signals. The new M8 D-coded has a robust metal housing with continuous shielding, which allows it to deliver 100 Mbit/s Fast Ethernet to end devices.

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