Bin-picking with HARTING Applied Technologies GmbH

Bin picking made simple

These days, there is barely enough time to manually sort components into bins before they are introduced into production for further processing. Pick & Place solutions that facilitate the production and logistics process reliably and ergonomically are in demand here.

The bin-picking cell from HARTING Applied Technologies GmbH can provide an automated solution for the "bin-picking" activities with little involvement of staff. Unsorted, chaotic and also specially shaped parts, from small to large, can be removed from a bin with the help of a robot equipped with 3D image processing and fed in the desired orientation for further processing. Manual work, strenuous lifting and monotonous, ergonomically unfavourable processes are reduced to the minimum.

It hardly matters what kind of bin it is. The bin-picking cells process small SLCs (small load carriers) as well as large containers such as lattice boxes, pallets, etc. One bin-picking cell can also process different products. Cycle times of as little as just four seconds increase efficiency and competitiveness around the clock if need be. 

Let us show you the advantages of the automated bin picking cell and arrange a free feasibility check via software where you get to use a test system at our factory with your own products to be processed.

So gelingt der Griff in die Kiste – Bin-Picking mit HARTING Applied Technologies GmbH

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