Tailor-made assembly facility for the new generation of switches

Bernstein AG, supplier of industrial safety technology, and the HARTING Technology Group – both family-owned companies and global market leaders in their respective sectors – have joined forces for a joint project. HARTING Applied Technologies has manufactured a production facility for the BERNSTEIN production facility in Hille-Hartum, Germany. This facility is a tailor-made solution for manufacturing the BERNSTEIN safety switches. It uses a fully automated process to assemble multiple variants of the new BERNSTEIN C14 generation of switches. The switches are important products so the facility is used every day. The small built-in switches are mainly used for safety equipment, limit switches and foot switches.

The assembly facility consists of individual modular cells that are very versatile. They enable certain processes to be connected in between or even downstream of other processes. The quality of the BERNSTEIN switches is already 100% tested and ensured at the machine.

Throughout the entire project, the cooperation with BERNSTEIN AG was ideal. HARTING was able to use our regional proximity to coordinate with the customer as needed. The customer BERNSTEIN has praised this good cooperation. In the BERNSTEIN facility, HARTING Applied Technologies has combined all its expertise: on the one hand, the assembly of filigree, high-precision components for electrical engineering and, on the other hand, testing systems and automated cleaning of the components before they are joined. HARTING has also integrated its solution for Industry 4.0.

One challenge was the location of the assembly facility on the first floor of the building. Thanks to the modular cell-based topology, HARTING was able to master this challenge easily.   

HARTING Applied Technologies - BERNSTEIN
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