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In our new weblog you regularly find exciting content on the topics of special purpose machine manufacture and toolmaking. We introduce you to our employees, our customers, the way we work and what we do every day to find the best solution for your requirements.

Our new weblog specifically addresses you, our existing and prospective customers, and aims to engage with you. We, a HARTING Technology Group subsidiary, have specialised in toolmaking and special purpose machine manufacture. In our video, Managing Director Dr Volker Franke shows how we design and build machines and plants - and how we have achieved a successful presence on the external market as a result. You can also find out what the user interface looks like, how robots are integrated and what the "joy of doing something special" is in the weblog.

Our solution is seamless machine support: Our user-friendly ticket system enables you to create detailed requests and get support quickly. Following the purchase of your machine, you receive comprehensive instructions on how to use our system and gain access to a wealth of information and services in the "machine file". What you get with us is access to technical documentation and the option of ordering spare parts, as well as an upcoming section for brief technical information.


Excellent after-sales service - We look after everything to do with your machine from exhaustive internal pre-acceptance to spare parts and maintenance management. Our main focus is on providing individual support - you receive tailor-made solutions that are adapted to your specific requirements. When needed, we are at your side to ensure that your machine always functions perfectly and meets your needs.


Volker Huckriede - Your experienced and competent technical manager for customised machine solutions. Benefit from his many years of expertise in special purpose machine manufacture and his passion for innovative technologies. Collaborate with him to create your individual projects together.


Model-based requirements and change management – The development of production systems, such as assembly lines, is becoming increasingly challenging due to more variance in manufacturing products, higher levels of automation, and very verstile manufacturing. To meet all these requirements, a solid holistic understanding of the task is essential and a systematic impact analysis of the changes is necessary. Let Rebecca Heitmann, systems engineer in special purpose machine engineering at HARTING Applied Technologies, explain how we overcome these challenges with the help of model-based requirements and change management. 


Versatility and a wide range of expansion options - The modular assembly cell concept keeps the investment risk low, and the level of automation can be gradually adjusted in tandem with the increase in production volume. The customer decides how many and which processes are the first to be converted from a manual to an automatic process.


Modular machine visualisation – Michael Kamlage, director of software development for special purpose machine manufacture at HARTING Applied Technologies, shows in this video how intuitive it is to operate machines with modular machine visualisation.


Optimal manufacturing process - Customers are demanding the production of individualised products in small quantities. In addition, rising costs are pushing them towards automation. The manufacturing components must be so adaptable that is is possible to produce even the smallest quantities. Our modular assembly cell concept provides many options for the optimum production process. Let Friedrich Gärtner, sales engineer for special machine construction at HARTING Applied Technologies, explain how modular cells help us to meet individual requirements.


Universal modular design for GROHEDAL - GROHEDAL Sanitärsysteme GmbH, based in Porta Westfalica, also relies on our technology and know-how. The leader in the field of installation and flushing technology was suitably impressed with the high versatility of our facility, which assembles a plug valve.


Customised solution for BERNSTEIN: For BERNSTEIN AG (Hille/North Rhine-Westphalia) we have developed a special purpose machine that produces a special safety switch. The assembly complexity as well as the production of the filigree individual parts proved to be a real challenge.


Two production machines for in-ear headphones - We have developed two production machines for the Sennheiser Group, the leading manufacturer of headsets, loudspeakers, microphones and wireless transmission technology. These assemble electromechanical components in an injection moulding process.


Machines that inspire the customer - The passion for sales is in Friedrich Gärtner's blood: With his know-how in special purpose machine manufacture, he advises customers at HARTING Applied Technologies on the production of their customised machines, special requests included.


Embracing the challenge of our customers   - This is what inspires Dr Volker Franke every day. He has now been our Managing Director at HARTING Applied Technologies for 16 years and works with a team of experts to find the best possible solution for our customers.


VDI podcast "Technik aufs Ohr"
The Corona pandemic has had a massive impact on the industry. We, too, in special purpose machine manufacture are seeing major changes in the way we work.
Find out more in the podcast "Technik aufs Ohr" by VDI Verlag where Dr. Volker Franke describes the challenges facing machine manufacturing and how digitalisation is supporting the process of change.


A successful presence on the external market
We, HARTING Applied Technologies, are a recognised specialist for toolmaking and special purpose machine manufacture. On the external market, we are very successful in the field of special purpose machine manufacture, as our Managing Director Dr Volker Franke explains.

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