Insights into modular machine visualisation

Our machine visualisation stands out as an interface between the human and the machine. It represents technical processes and shows different operating states and malfunctions. For our customers, we make sure that the systems have a unified appearance so that there are always the same working methods for various facilities. The simple structure makes it possible to work without any programming skills.

All actuators can be controlled individually during the initial commissioning or during maintenance. This is only possible with the appropriate authorisation and is based on different operator levels. By using an integrated maintenance management system, the system automatically draws attention to the next maintenance.

The simple operations enable various settings to be made – for example, entering limit values for production processes or making adjustments to the robot positions within the facility.

Let Michael Kamlage, director of software development for special machine construction at HARTING Applied Technologies, show you in the video how intuitive it is to operate machines with modular machine visualisation.

Insights into the modular machine visualization from HARTING Applied Technologies

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