Modular assembly cells deliver outstanding versatility and reduce manufacturing costs

HARTING Applied Technologies has developed a tailor-made solution for GROHEDAL Sanitärsysteme GmbH based in Porta Westfalica, a subsidiary of the sanitary specialist GROHE. This customer is a leader in the field of installation and flushing technology.

GROHEDAL's cistern inserts are automatically assembled in the HARTING facility. The facility consists of individual modular HARTING assembly cells. These provide a high degree of versatility and enable certain processes to be connected in between or even downstream.

With this consistently modular design, GROHEDAL Sanitärsysteme has been able to reduce manufacturing costs and minimise the required stock of spare parts. Accordingly, HARTING offers outstanding availability for parts and quick reaction times.

HARTING Applied Technologies and GROHE have a special partnership. This project has been distinguished by its intensive cooperation and ability to respond very personally to the requirements of the customers as well as the suppliers. This is visually expressed by the slogan attached to the facility: "Made for GROHE".

HARTING Applied Technologies - Grohe
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