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Customer-specific project work

At our company, customer projects are structured in well thought-out, coordinated process steps – encompassing the sales process, development work, order fulfillment and service. Our project work features two key factors: firstly, we have an agile work flow, and secondly, we involve you tightly in the project and make you a member of our team. Our outstanding agility and versatility enable us react to subsequent changes made by you during the project phase.

Setting the proper course from the start

HARTING is a sustainable, solid and successful family business. In joint projects, our customers benefit from our decades of experience and from the well-reasoned, meaningful project work.

The most important choices are always determined at the beginning. Our sales department is your first contact for a new project.

Before we make you an offer, our sales professionals create a detailed project plan, which we present and discuss with you in advance. Your suggestions are taken into account and the necessary revisions are made. We will then send you the proposal offer. You benefit from our many years of experience and from our employees' extensive industry expertise.

For us, it is simply a matter of course to involve you in the concept development phase. Your comments, experiences and wishes are taken into account from the very beginning.

After you have chosen us for the order, you will be supervised by your personal project manager. He is your direct contact point during the entire project and represents your interests at HARTING.

Our agility ensures outstanding flexibility

The sales department then hands over the project to the project management team. Thanks to our agile approach, maximum efficiency is ensured throughout the entire project phase. Our agility allows us to implement changes immediately.

At the beginning of the project, we invite you to a kick-off meeting where we present the project along with the first design and construction approaches and share our ideas with you. You will also have the opportunity to get to know the individual members of our team.

Our project team will support you continuously until the machine acceptance. We regularly inform you about the progress of the construction and discuss the solutions of the individual construction phases with you. This ensures that all your wishes are taken into account throughout each stage. The machine variant which you select is the one considered by both sides to be optimal.

We present the progress of the construction to you regularly via web meeting or during factory visits. Thanks to our continual monitoring of deadlines and quality, you are always informed about the project status. This ensures the best-quality machine design.

Optimal use of our expertise

When manufacturing special purpose machines, each facility is unique and requires different skills. The synergistic structure of our development team takes this fact into account.

Our development team is made up of qualified employees with expertise in mechanical and electrical construction and programming. Systems engineering helps to illustrate and understand complex processes.


In close coordination, arriving at the ideal solution

Our specialists will work out the solution conceptually, in close coordination with you, based on your requirements. Alternative solutions are considered and compared to find the ideal solution for you. We present the intermediate constructive steps to you in our regular joint meetings.

The programming is based on well-engineered standards and the most modern automation technology. Your facility operators benefit from HARTING's uniform operating approach. If they already have experience with one of our machines, they will immediately be familiar with any subsequent machines. Another goal is to integrate our systems into your company's digitisation strategy.

The best conditions for the best results

We construct our own tools, so we have a excellent in-house manufacturing depth. At the same time, our in-house processes deliver consistently high-quality manufacturing. Our modern machinery is highly automated. This ensures the maximum level of precision and repeat accuracy.

Rapid response thanks to in-house production

Since we have our own production, we are not dependent on external suppliers. In an emergency, we provide manufactured parts overnight, so that any machine outage can be repaired as quickly as possible.

Added value through modularity

Our facilities are characterised by a modular cell design. This provides multiple benefits including variability, scalability, flexible planning, simple adaptation to environmental conditions, and retrofit expandability. HARTING's cell-based strategy enables us to plan the ideal solution (the fully configured stage). Thus, the initial requirements can be met in the first expansion stage; the system can then be expanded step-by-step to reach the ideal solution. If there are new requirements, the facilities are highly adaptable thanks to this modularity. This strategy also encompasses variable robot integration (standing or hanging) and other features.

The modular units are assembled by our team. They have a great deal of experience and have mastered the processes from the bottom up. This type of assembly offers several advantages: shorter throughput times at the individual stations, minimisation of errors, and the ability to flexibly implement any subsequent change requests.

The complete facility is capable of the parallel assembly of multiple modules. This results in a shorter throughput time and thus a shorter delivery time.

Using testing to reach full performance faster

The initial commissioning is one of the critical phases in the life cycle of any facility. Because we know how important an optimum start-up phase is for smooth, productive operations, our experienced commissioning engineers will support you in this task – ensuring the high level of safety you need for yourself and your facility.

The first stage of the commissioning takes place at our Espelkamp facility. That is where we carry out extensive test runs with the original product on your system. Thus, you are able to more quickly reach the required production output. The training of your operating personnel at our factory helps to ensure that the production at your site is safer, faster and more stable at an earlier stage.

The programming of your facility, the commissioning of individual modules and the connection to the overall system is carried out in our factory. Complex modules can thus be tested separately in advance, which reduces the risk of delays.

The acceptance of the facility (FAT) is carried out together with you at our factory. If there are any requests for additions or changes, we can still carry these out at our factory. We then transport the facility to your installation site.

A smooth start to production

After we have set up the facility at your site, we will commission it together with you. The test runs with the product are carried out again. The facility can be optimised for production within the scope of these tests. The final acceptance of the facility (SAT) at your location is the conclusion of the commissioning process.


Optimum performance throughout the entire life cycle

HARTING Applied Technologies accompanies your facility during its complete life cycle with comprehensive services. This ensures that the facility performs optimally throughout. Our services help you to stay on the safe side, while also protecting your investment.

We use remote maintenance and digital machine files to provide immediate assistance during production. Remote maintenance saves a separate journey of one by our service specialists. With the digital machine file, we provide you with centralised storage of information and data.

The maintenance and repair of your machines and facilities is carried out by our qualified service personnel. Our preventive support uses inspections and modernisations to ensure consistently high availability. When customers present new requirements, we respond by offering new services.

We provide you with spare parts quickly and reliably. Extensions and changes can be implemented in a cost-effective manner. We can react quickly to modifications. Our hotline and our ticket system ensure good accessibility and prompt feedback.

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