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Special purpose machine manufacture

Our main expertise is the manufacture of sophisticated special machines for assembly technology. Find out what sets us apart.

Assembly systems and special machines for cross-sector industries

HARTING Applied Technologies GmbH specialises in the conception, development and manufacture of sophisticated special machines for assembly technology. Our product portfolio includes assembly jigs, partially automated assembly workstations and fully automated assembly facilities. By integrating the most modern solutions in automation technology, our assembly facilities deliver tailor-made and highly effective results. We work in agile structures and like to surprise with unusual results.

Facility for the automatic production of fittings for the furniture industry
Assembly system for fasteners
Automation technology for sanitary products

We take advantage of individualised consultation and problem solving to ensure that we are able to meet all your expectations for the quality and productivity of our solutions. Challenge us. On request, we can help you design your products to optimise the automated manufacturing capability.

One of our specialities is the combination of injection moulding processes with assembly, measuring and testing tasks within automated facilities. We are happy to pass on our experience from our award-winning toolmaking and injection moulding technology in a complete solution for you from a single source.

HARTING's facilities implement a wide range of different processes to offer our customers the optimum solution to match their requirements. Third-party units or units from HARTING partners are used for this. Integrating robots from different manufacturers and variants (articulated arm, Scara, portal) or integrating into higher-level logistics strategies can all be encompassed within our mounting facilities.

Our in-house software development enables us to maintain a high degree of standardisation for the machine control. We can also ensure excellent integration into your company's IT infrastructure or offer our own solutions for data integration.

The data acquisition integrated into our assembly facilities provides not only key order data but also long-term views of the modules and maintenance recommendations to minimise downtime and malfunctions.

Facts and figures

  • around 130 employees
  • 5,000 m² production area
  • 900 m² office space
  • We take care of the concept, design, assembly, control cabinet construction, programming, robot integration and service.

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