Industrial PushPull Connectors (Just one click for a secure fit – the PushPull V4 Industrial)

What are the most important characteristics that a connector must have for modularization and the I4.0 environment?

When you ask users, they say that quick and simple handling is just as important as robustness and range of use.

Industrial production processes are becoming increasingly modular and flexible; this trend also plays a key role in machinery cabling and termination techniques. Production downtimes caused by conversion and servicing work cost facility operators money and, of course, must be minimized as much as possible. If a production facility needs to be relocated or converted, HARTING's PushPull connector system can be used to quick disconnect and reconnect the industrial lifelines in seconds. To further optimize this process, HARTING has provided the second generation of PushPull V4 with a facelift and new strengths.

The PushPull V4 Industrial has a new housing material which also protects it from extremely aggressive chemicals such as the cutting oils used for lathing and milling machines. These and other aggressive substances place greater challenges on the connectors used in these applications. The PushPull is optimized for future applications and already meets even the toughest IP67 requirements.

With even better housing, PushPull V4 Industrial is also resistant to aggressive resources

To make the plug and play connection lock even more secure, the new variant has an additional rotation lock which secures the PushPull locking element when it is inserted. This prevents unintentional pulling and results in improved process reliability. The process reliability is further guaranteed through simple and intuitive operation. Consequently, the second generation PushPull has only one (instead of the previous three) cable clamps and now has a larger cable diameter ranging from 4.5 to 10 mm. Leaks and inadequate strain relief are now a thing of the past.

The second generation PushPull has two different color markings; this increases the speed of the Plug & Play connectivity. The first color marking makes plugging in easy by providing a quick indication that the connector and socket are correctly aligned with each other.

HARTING PushPull V4 Industrial (EN)

The second colored coding helps to ensure that the connector and socket are properly assigned to each other. If the application has many PushPull connectors installed side by side, the technician can easily keep track of them all. This is a simple but effective means of preventing incorrect wiring and saving time during installation. In keeping with our principle of modular design, the old and new PushPull components are compatible with each other. PushPull V4 Industrial improves the process reliability and safety for industrial device cabling while also saving time during the assembly. Simplified and safe handling, even in demanding environments.

The proven solution – optimized for our customers.

Ergonomic handle
Colored coding elements for a quick and simple assignment
Colored marking for an easy arrangement
Modular inserts for Data, Signal, Power
Even more robust thanks to a new seal and strain relief
A new locking guarantees process reliability and safety
Even more robust thanks to a new housing material

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