Global Integrated Management System

Quality means benefits, value for money and punctuality to our customers. That is why we see HARTING quality as a holistic concept that includes all internal and external activities of the company.

This allows us to remain flexible and adapt all processes individually to the actual requirements of the market. Only in this way do we create solutions that can convince through performance and innovation.

Quality is more than just a characteristic.

Above all, it is an uncompromising stance. This stance is something we apply in all aspects of our quality understanding, from reliability to future-proofing."

Philip Harting
Chairman of the Board

Quality management means competitiveness

The foundation of the HARTING Technology Group has always been the strictest quality standards while operating in accordance with the guidelines of ISO 9001 since 1991, tested by the German quality system certification company GUTcert. The company has also been focused on process orientation for several years now. The aim is maximum customer orientation, efficiency and perfection.
All our international subsidiaries work consistently according to the same system. In this way, the management at the HARTING Group supports your competitiveness.

Quality is often hidden and must be found

HARTING products are found in the components of modern railway technology and automation systems. Even in telecommunications base stations, HARTING quality products cannot be immediately seen. Many a robot would stutter without the support of HARTING products; some wind turbines would be powerless.

To this day, it is not always important to put alleged greatness in the foreground. The real treasures are often hidden in the small details. It is the same in the world of technology as it is in nature. An uncut diamond still in the earth reveals its quality only after the final touch has made to it and its full splendour and elegance can be seen.

Our processes define the path to the optimal customer benefits.

Clear processes are needed if you want to reach your goals. For this reason, we have established clearly defined standards worldwide. These range from product development, manufacturing, logistics and customer care. This is our unique way of giving our customers the full benefits of HARTING quality – regardless of their location or which product they are using.

Process model

Quality starts at the top

Management and support staff give the decisive impetus for orienting and navigating the company. With their help, we can ensure that we stay on this course and make any necessary corrections. HARTING's corporate management, who are using pioneering tools such as the EFQM model, Balanced Scorecard and MBO target agreements, is a key factor for success here.

Quality is an essential component of our success. This applies to more than just the fault-free products that we sell. In particular, it involves all processes at the company running without errors.

We rely on our employees

Guaranteeing this depends on having the right people with the highest level of motivation and the necessary qualifications. Our employees are our company's most valuable asset.

Systematic training, regular employee appraisals and surveys lead to increased personal commitment. Modern communication and information systems in use at the company ensure a continual exchange of experiences and a continuous transfer of knowledge. The new HARTING data center ensures the required system reliability and provides the necessary data security and protection through the use of reliable technology at distributed locations.

Last but not least, financial management is the foundation of our long-term planning, stability, efficiency and innovativeness of the HARTING Group.

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