Together shaping the connectivity of the future


The HARTING Technology Group is a pioneer in the field of connectors – and is now going one step further. Rapid technological advances, more digitalisation throughout industry and the requirements of customers and partners have made a rethink necessary: In addition to new technologies, the human factor and major global issues are also more in focus. 

The company's vision has always been firmly anchored: "We want to shape the future with technologies for people". Connectivity+ is now the strategy to implement this vision in products and applications. 

The social megatrends of sustainability, (de)globalisation and demographic change drive the technological megatrends – especially modularity, autonomy and the digital twin. The products, services, solutions and mindset of the Technology Group's Connectivity+ strategy are focussed on precisely these megatrends and provide answers to the challenges of the future. In addition, we always create real added value for our customers and partners.

Dr. Kurt D. Bettenhausen
Member of the Board for "New Technologies & Development"

Anticipating today what will be important tomorrow

Real added value for customers and users is just as much a focus for Connectivity+ solutions as the analysis of megatrends – we can only do this by working closely with customers, market players and experts. Our dialogue on concrete customer requirements and future scenarios inspires us to go one step further and give connectivity this "plus". 

With Connectivity+, we look far beyond the actual electrical component – it's not just about a connector, but about taking holistic approaches to solutions.

Norbert Gemmeke
Managing Director of the Global Business Unit HARTING Electric

Connectivity+ encompasses products, solutions, services – but also the general mindset. What they all have in common is that they provide customers and users with real added value and perfectly complement the core connectivity function.

Ralf Klein
Managing Director HARTING Electronics GmbH

Three social megatrends that drive Connectivity+

Three societal trends – sustainability, (de)globalisation and demographic change – are considered to be the guidelines for product development. All three issues are so important that we cannot avoid them, nor can we solve them as a single company. 
Sustainability: energy can only be generated once and its usage must be carefully considered.
Demographic change: affecting every society in the world and creating major challenges. With fewer and fewer skilled workers, the modularity of technical systems is gaining importance.
(De)globalisation: this is a dynamic web – some supply chains will remain global, others will become more local and flexibe. 

The Technology Group influences these global trends by actively shaping technological trends. Technology is the greatest lever for influencing these relentless trends. This is what we mean by Connectivity+: the transition from these social megatrends to our products and solutions.