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Ethernet connector M8: The force of miniaturisation

World's first M8 D-coded connector for 100 Mbit/s Fast Ethernet from the cloud to any sensor.

Fast Ethernet in a slim silhouette: Our Little Giant Miss M8ty

The M8 is a common connector at the field level, although to date only for the transmission of signals. The new M8 D-coded has a robust metal housing with continuous shielding, which enables it to supply devices with 100 Mbit/s Fast Ethernet.

In order to avoid taking up further space with additional power interfaces, the M8 is also PoE-capable in D-coding and can simultaneously supply data and power to field participants.

On the circuit board, the M8 socket is about 30 % smaller than the previous solution in M12. Miss M8ty supports the Ethernet protocol standard IEEE 802.3 and is standardised according to PAS IEC 61076-2-114. Hence it can be used in existing active and passive infrastructure and offers you the investment security you need.

The power of miniaturisation.

All benefits at a glance:


30 % smaller than conventional M12 connectors
100 Mbit/s Cat. 5 Fast Ethernet IEEE 802.3
Robust design per IP67
Shielded solution
PoE capable

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