The new standard for the industrial future

Single Pair Ethernet SPE: The Infrastructure for IIoT

One single pair of wires. Many advantages.

With Single Pair Ethernet SPE, HARTING has established a new technology standard that transmits data via Ethernet at speeds of up to 1 GBit/s with just one pair of wires, making it the perfect solution for industry 4.0 and IIoT.

The trend of digitalization are raising new expectations for communication and cabling technology such as high availability, short access times, fast data transport and the secure transmission of large amounts of data in a wide variety of application environments. At the same time, devices, cables and connection technology should become more powerful, smaller and more robust, as well as offering a high degree of modularity and compatibility.

Single Pair Ethernet SPE: One pair. Many advantages.

With Single Pair Ethernet (SPE), a new technology is entering the market that meets the new requirements, because it transmits data via Ethernet over only one pair at speeds of 10Mbit/s to 1GBit/s. The new SPE technology is based on the principle of a single pair of wires. Previously, this required two pairs for Fast Ethernet (100MB) and four pairs for Gigabit Ethernet.

At the same time, Single Pair Ethernet enables the power supply of terminal devices via Power over Data Line (PoDL). Transmission distances of up to 1000 meters make Single Pair Ethernet particularly interesting for use in process automation.


Automotive as a pioneer

Single Pair Ethernet is already being implemented in new generations of automobiles, replacing CAN and other bus systems. Controls, communication and safety functions will in future run uniformly via Ethernet. This is a fundamental prerequisite for networked or later autonomous driving.

SPE in industrial automation

The use of Single Pair Ethernet is also worthwhile in industrial automation. Single-pair cabling is fast, space-saving, cost-effective and easy to implement. Equipping simple sensors, cameras and the like with Ethernet interfaces makes SPE a driver of topics such as Integrated Industry and IIoT. This reduces the field level smart and the effort for parameterization, initialization and programming.


Single Pair Ethernet aa Driver of Industry 4.0

Transferring data at Gigabit speed via Ethernet with just one pair of wires and simultaneously supplying the devices with power has great potential and offers many advantages.


Single Pair Ethernet EcoSystem

The prerequisite for large-scale use in fields such as automation, machinery, robotics or transportation is the consistent compatibility of devices, cables and connectors. Standardized and uniform interfaces are the key to enabling manufacturers to jointly develop the SPE EcoSystem consisting of sensors, actuators, controllers and connection technology and to enable users to create suitable automation solutions from these components.

For industrial and industry-related applications, the HARTING proposal has been adopted by the IEC international standards committee as the mating face. This mating face, based on IEC 63171-6, is specially designed for use in up to M3I3C3E3 environmental conditions and is known as SPE/T1 industrial style. HARTING thus sets the standard for single-pair industrial cabling. Learn more about Single Pair Ethernet Standard...


SPE Industrial Partner Network: First point of contact for users

Single Pair Ethernet is the infrastructure basis that makes IIoT and Industry 4.0 possible. Seven industrial technology leaders have joined forces to advance the technology for the rapidly growing IIoT market. HARTING, TE Connectivity, HIROSE, Würth Electronics, LEONI, MURR Elektronik and Softing are the founding members of the SPE Industrial Partner Network.

For users the Partner Network is first point of contact for all questions concerning the construction of SPE networks and devices. The Partner Network provides clear recommendations for the development of future IIoT applications, is the central information platform and offers security to users that the technology is to be relied upon.

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