Industrial connector module protects sensitive electronics

In addition to energy and data, highly automated production plants require one thing above all: the reliable and powerful transmission of signals from measuring, control and regulation technology. Minimal downtimes are a decisive factor in the profitability of production plants. Unpredictable failures, e.g. due to negligence, fire or overvoltages can be expensive.

HARTING has developed a surge protection module for insertion into a connector, protecting valuable electronics in machinery and production facilities against transient voltage threats.

Surge protection in the connector

Protection against overvoltage for electronic components used in measuring, controlling and regulating often requires separate solutions that require space and necessitate additional installation work. The new surge protection module from the Han-Modular® series brings surge protection into the connector and thus makes integration considerably more simple. Installation is quick and easy. As a rule, the module is already part of the basic configuration of the connectors used.

In order to be able to actively protect the various signals in production systems, the reference potential of signal circuits must be recognised and taken into account when selecting the correct protective devices. A distinction is made between signals with a common reference potential and self-contained signal circuits: For both signal types, the surge protection module offers a suitable solution as part of the Han-Smart® concept.

Signal protection increases system availability

The overvoltage protection module uses several protective elements such as gas arresters, suppressor diodes and resistors. If an overvoltage occurs, the combination of the components ensures a coordinated discharge of the disturbance variable. When used correctly, overvoltage protection modules reduce the number of operating faults, increase service life and ultimately increase plant uptime.

Users can rely on the expertise of HARTING and its partner Dehn + Söhne, a company with more than 100 years of experience in lightning and surge protection.

Learn more about the Surge Protections Module and the concept of Han-Smart®.

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