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tec.News offers you an overview of technology and innovative highlights from the HARTING Technology Group. It provides its readers with inspiration, orientation, and support for their decisions. Tec.News presents outstanding HARTING technologies that have resulted in concrete solutions and products in specific applications. It underlines our strategic view – with both a current perspective and a visionary outlook towards the future.

tec.News - Partnering in Integrated Industry

No one can do everything

The fourth industrial revolution can already be summed up as follows today: complex value-added networks are no longer viable with monolithic architectures. An all-encompassing solution is needed. But no one can do everything on their own. And, in my opinion, this recognition of one's own limits harbours a great opportunity, founded upon the cultural change of Industrie 4.0.

tec.News - The Value-Added Network

Delivering customer solutions with high customer value is what we do

If you ask companies what their goal is, the answer is first and foremost: creating value for customers – naturally, while being as profitable as possible for the company. In many cases, however, this is merely given lip service, as the opposite is usually more correct: being profitable and thereby creating value for customers. In any case, this statement is actually not so bad.

tec.News - Little Giants

The Superheroes of Digitalisation

The mere digitalisation of data did not represent the quantum leap in telecommunications technology. It was only the introduction of mobile communications technology which brought about the universal availability of first the phone and then the internet. The industrial sector initially believed it would need to tread an identical path with regard to digitisation. Wireless automation has been heralded for years. Yet it doesn’t exist, and hard-wiring continues to be relied on – as evidenced by our sales figures.

tec.News - Digitalisation in the Industry

Industrie 4.0 – where industry goes digital

Digitalisation is now affecting each and every one of us, changing and transforming all areas of society. On the one hand, these changes are affecting our private lives – in the shape of the smart home, for example, while this shift is also impacting on the industrial area with the emergence of smart factories. Here at HARTING, we see industry as an integral part of society, and also subject to the process of transformation. And it is precisely this change to industry that has been referred to as the 4th Industrial Revolution.

tec.News - Ready for Industrie 4.0

Integrated Industry becomes tangible

The advent of IT has given the automation of manufacturing an enormous performance boost. Without this “ITisation”, efficient production of quality complex products would be very difficult to achieve. HARTING is now analysing trends and identifying their relevance to current projects and applications.

tec.News - Emancipation of Field Devices

From conventional field devices to Integrated Industry devices

The convenient and user friendly entrance to the cyber world - an important step for industrial devices that will determine the manufacturing and automation of the future. Thanks to the integration of IT functions into conventional industrial devices, the standard automation technology to date will emancipate itself, and pave the way to digital networking and tighter integration.

tec.News - Interface Future

The new Cyber Reality

In industry, the real world and virtual world are bridged with the help of Cyber-Physical Systems. Real production processes are simulated and controlled by computer-generated representations. Industry 4.0 is going one step further – towards the genuine integration of both worlds.

tec.News - Integrated Industry – Orchestrating Services

Smart Solutions for Integrated Industry

Integrated Industry is taking off and mastering the next steps, as evidenced by the theme of the Hannover Messe trade fair. But the fact that Integrated Industry, or Industry 4.0, is on everyone’s lips still doesn’t make the vision any more real for end users. They need to see solutions, something that demonstrates tangible benefit.

tec.News - Integrated Industry

The fourth industrial revolution calls for courage

The fourth industrial revolution has commenced with the advent of products that control their own production. RFID technology has turned automation on its head, moving production from a centralized system to the products themselves. This leap calls for new ideas and out-of-the-ordinary concepts – as well as companies like HARTING that combine expertise and courage.

tec.News - The new Value Creation

Integrated Industry – the Basis for flexible Manufacturing

Integrated Industry: It’s not just a slogan, but rather a sustainable strategy for industrial enterprises. Production can be structured more flexibly and faster,  hile companies are able to act in an environmentally compatible and resource-efficient manner and thereby meet customer requirements in an optimal way.

tec.News - Breakthrough for Energy Efficiency

The renewal of the resource is declared to be the precondition for its use

Accordingly, only so much wood may be cut in a forest as can be regrown and replenished. Since wood was used in the early 18th century in building, as the most important source of energy and in many pre-industrial production processes, forests were cut down and whole landscapes laid waste. Von Carlowitz therefore called for forestry management to allow the forests the time to regenerate and rejuvenate.

tec.News - Research for Innovations!

Sustainability is the Foundation of all Innovations

Globalization is not just a catchword, but presents us with demands and requirements, day in, day out. Companies and organizations that want to maintain their positions and generate positive impulses for the further development of society will have to be committed to sustainability. At HARTING, this is the foundation of our vision.

tec.News - Smart Network Infrastructure

What makes infrastructure smart?

HARTING has a clear focus on the essentials: we view the world through the eyes of our customers. Three lifelines, three arteries determine this world: data, power and signals. Linking these lifelines optimally with device connectivity, installation technology in the field and intelligent network in heavy duty environment – this is how we define our contribution to infrastructure and in particular, to Smart Network Infrastructure.

tec.News - Be smart, be happy - Efficient Networks

Is Communication the Essential “smart” Factor?

We are currently experiencing a surge in innovation associated with the concept of “smart grids”. As there is nothing new about a grid, it would appear that the innovations are inherent to the attribute “smart”. We, as connectivity and network specialists, have been asking ourselves what really makes networks smart.