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Laser cutting systems do offer a high degree of precision within modern manufacturing. For the power supply to these systems as well as for control purposes, the designers of laser systems trust in reliable Han® connectors.

Laser cutting has established itself as a basic technology in many manufacturing areas, especially in the automotive sector. The technology is highly precise and largely automatable. However, sparks, vapors, gases and fine dusts usually accompany laser cuttings. In such manufacturing environments, Han® connectors effectively protect the interfaces of the systems from the ingress of suspended solids, smoke, moisture and welding sparks. Thus, they enable an uninterrupted power supply. With the help of plug & play connectors, users can replace complete components and assemblies quickly – if necessary.

Easy to assemble, safe protection against dust and smoke: Italian company Prima Power uses Han® connectors for its laser cutting systems.

The robust housings of Han® connectors reliably protect against external influences such as dust, water and sparks. E.g. Han E® inserts with cage clamp termination are particularly suitable for the power transmission of laser cutting systems. They can easily be mounted “in the field” using a simple screwdriver, thus enabling power transmission with rated currents up to 16 A/500 V and up to 24 contacts in one hood or housing. Equipped with a rapid and tool-free termination technology, the cage clamps of the Han® ES Press series offer many benefits with regard to assembly. In addition, they provide vibration-proof connections.

Sensitive signals e.g. for the control of laser cutting system can also be transferred with the help of Han-Quintax® modules, part of the Han-Modular® product range. These connectors have particularly good shielding attenuation properties. Thus, control signals are not disturbed and the entire system can work reliably.

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