Don't stop me now – the intelligent stop point

To make sure that the workpieces arrive precisely when they are needed, the intelligent stop point ensures their correct starting and stopping points in the HAII4YOU Factory. In Industry 4.0, this is known as a cyber-physical system (CPS); it enables the modules to communicate and coordinate with each other. Distributed computational power for our customers can only be implemented and networked in a more modular and compact way when using HARTING connectors.

Cyber-physical systems, such as the intelligent stop point, must meet the special requirements of Industry 4.0. They must be small, robust, modular, quick and easy to use. The connectors being used must also be able to meet these challenges. HARTING already offers its customers all the necessary connection components for cyber-physical systems.

These systems have decentralised installations and must be connected to their three industrial lifelines: power, signal and data. Depending on the size of the CPS, this require scalable solutions for the housing connections and internal wiring. With modularity in mind, HARTING provides robust PushPull connector solutions with M12, RJ45, USB, power and many other mating faces. These solutions create the necessary versatility for every application of the intelligent stop point. The connector's role transforms from a pure installation object to a usage component.

In order to keep the stop point as small and space-saving as possible, our har-flex® and har-flexicon® connectors are used inside the housings. In combination with the device connections, these connectors currently make unlimited scalability for distributed computing systems possible, thus encouraging miniaturisation. HARTING's nearly unique product portfolio already provides solutions to successfully move towards Industry 4.0.